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Ignition condensers are commonly found in older cars made before 1980, in which the ignition system relies on a condenser to control the electric charge to start the motor. The ignition has two windings, and when the key is turned a current flows from the battery to the first winding, which then creates an electrical charge that flows through the second winding. The two circuits in the ignition coil carry the current to start the car. The ignition condenser is responsible for reducing the voltage spikes and protecting the ignition system and its core. While absorbing the current and preventing the ignition from burning out, the ignition condenser is prolonging the life of your ignition system, therefore, saving you a lot of time and money in repairs. As with all car parts, your ignition condenser is subject to general wear and tear with age. One of the most common signs that your ignition condenser is faulty is unusual static on your car’s radio signal. If you detect this problem, you should fix your car’s condenser immediately to avoid further damage to your cars ignition unit. At Halfords, we stock a huge range of condensers to suit all vehicle makes and models, simply enter your vehicle registration number into the tool provided and our system will pull relevant products for your car. To ensure your condenser is fitted correctly, or if you’re unsure which products are right for your car, head down to your local Autocentres garage to get booked in for a professional fitting service. Alternatively, order your products online and collect in store using our convenient click and collect service, or opt for delivery if you’d prefer to have your products delivered to your home or work address.