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A distributor cap works by generating a spark when the key is turned which then ignites the fuel mix and powers your car. This relatively simple process is extremely important, as without it your car wouldn’t start. As a vital component in your car’s ignition system , it’s important that the distributor cap is well maintained, as the metal terminals are subject to corrosion over time. As with all car parts, general wear and tear happens, which causes the distributor cap to fail. Is your car misfiring often, or does it not start at all? If so, this is a common sign that the distributor cap is faulty and needs replacing. Another sign of a faulty part is a high-pitched squealing noise, as well as vibrations. Distributor caps vary from one manufacturer to the next, which is why finding the correct one for your car is important. To help you, we supply a tool that pulls relevant products suitable to your car using your car registration number. And once you’ve found the products you like, use our convenient click & collect or delivery service to get hold of your products sooner. Alternatively, and if you’re still unsure which products to choose, head down to your local Halfords store where one of our team will be happy to help you out.