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Ignition leads are basically hardwearing conductors that can withstand some serious voltage and lots and lots of use. Your ignition leads transfer the power from your distributor, ignition coil or magneto to your spark plugs, firing up your engine. If they working, you’re driving! It’s common for HT leads to wear out. You’ll notice it as your car may misfire or not start at all. The connectors can also get dirty, which can affect how they perform. Dodgy leads can affect how your car performs and driving with a misfiring engine can cause damage that can be costly to put right. Swapping your ignition leads is easy and the replacement parts cheap. Avoid any headaches and hassle by using our car parts search tool. Enter your registration and it will display the correct parts for your car. Buy online and take advantage of free delivery if you spend over £40, or use our Click and Collect service for convenient local pick up from your choice of local Halfords stores . While your leads can wear out on their own, it’s worth looking at the whole ignition system - particularly consumables like spark plugs . We stock a comprehensive range of ignition system parts and spares, all at great prices from a brand you can trust.