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Your ignition module is a pretty boring black box that does a big job. It’s essentially a small computer that controls the ignition process, delivering the thousands of volts needed to the spark plugs to kickstart the whole thing. Dealing with such power, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they can break. Typically, they can overheat, or the connectors can corrode. When that happens you’ll notice a stuttering or stalling engine. If you, or a mobile mechanic, diagnose an ignition module fault it’s not the end of the world. Replacing your ignition module should only take a few hours, and you can get all the parts you need at Halfords. Selecting suitable spares is easy with our car parts finder. Stick in your registration number and you’ll see a range of marvellous modules, all at the best prices. Click and collect to have your perfect parts dropped off at a local Halfords store , or put your feet up and have it delivered to your door completely free if you spend over £40. We’ve been helping driver conquer their cars and keep them on the roads for over 100 years. If your ignition module has packed up, it’s worth doing a complete check of your ignition system. From the leads to the spark plugs , you can find high-quality ignition parts online or instore for that essential restoration or repair.