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Shock absorbers do exactly what you imagine, soaking up any energy generated from any interruptions in the road. When your wheels you hit a bump or fall into a pothole, your shock absorbers keep the ride smooth - and on our roads, they have a lot of work to do! Shock absorbers get bashed and smashed day in and day out, and sometimes they need replacing. You’ll feel it when your shocks wear out. Handling will get worse and the ride might feel bouncy or uneven. You may also hear a banging noise. When you notice it, do something about it sooner rather than later. Replacing shock absorbers is necessary if they’ve worn out or completely failed. They’re also a good upgrade if you’re looking for a smoother ride. We’ve got front and rear car shock absorbers for popular cars. You can search the entire range of shock absorbers online. Use our car part search tool to identify the shocks that will fit your car. Replacing shocks needs some specialist tools, all of which you’ll be able to find at your local Halfords store . If you need some help or advice, speak to a member of staff who will be happy to chat about your options.