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About our clutch cables

The clutch cable gives the driver complete control over their gear changes by linking the lever to the clutch pedal. Each time the pedal is pressed, an electromagnetic signal is sent to the gearbox which then disengages, reducing friction when you change gear. Clutch cables play a huge role in the overall rider comfort, and will allow you to enjoy long journeys with smooth and efficient gear changes. If you’ve ever driven a car with a faulty clutch cable, you’ll understand the importance of replacing it.

Snapped clutch cable symptoms

A common sign that your clutch cable has frayed and needs replacing is if your pedal is stiff to press or makes a crunching sound, or if you find it more difficult to change gears. If your clutch cable has snapped, you’ll be able to press the pedal with little to no resistance, and it will sink straight to the floor. Before replacing a clutch cable, it’s worth checking if the cable needs lubricating, as this can also cause the pedal to become stiff.

Clutch cable replacement

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