Solid Flywheel Conversions

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Your car’s flywheel fitted effectively stores up energy within its movement, which can then be passed on to the next part in the chain. They provide direct contact between your engine and the clutch assembly, keeping the ride smooth and the transfer of power regulated. Most cars sold today come with a dual-mass flywheel, but when it comes time to replace it, a solid mass flywheel is a cost-effective choice. Single, solid flywheels are simpler than dual-mass flywheels, which makes them cheaper. They also allow the engine to rev more, which makes them a popular upgrade for some drivers. At Halfords, we’ve got solid flywheel conversion kits available for sale. We stock a massive range at great prices. Search for the right spares with our car parts finder. Just add your registration plate and it will display the parts that will fit. Order online for home delivery or use Click and Collect to get your new parts delivered to your local Halfords store .