Spigot Bearing & Freewheel Clutches

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A spigot bearing slips inside the crankshaft, where it supports the transmission input shaft. Freewheel clutches manage the difference in speed between the gearbox input shaft and your engine’s crankshaft. Small, but perfectly formed, they keep your ride smooth. You can tell a spigot bearing or freewheel clutch that’s in serious trouble when you hear squeaking and squealing, grinding and a chirping noise coming from your previously tranquil transmission. Leave it too long and the damage could prove costly. Selecting the right spigot bearing and flywheel clutch parts is quick and simple with our car parts finder. Enter your registration and you’ll see high-quality spares suited to your vehicle. They’re ready-to-fit and in-stock, and you can have them delivered to you for free if you spend over £40. We stock high-quality OEM parts at the best prices.