How to store car tyres

As the months go by and the weather changes, you might find yourself switching between seasonal tyres. With new tyres going on, you’ll need to store your previous ones ready to be re-fitted again in the future.

To ensure your tyres re-emerge from their hibernation in the best condition, we’ve put together some tips for safely storing tyres.

Clean the tyres

Your tyres are the only point of contact between your car and the road, and they quickly accumulate lots of dirt and grime. Make sure you thoroughly clean any tyres before they are placed in storage.

Use a brush, water, and a specialised cleaning product to make sure the tyres are spotless. Then thoroughly dry them.

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One of the most important factors when storing tyres is temperature.

Ideally, tyres should be stored below 15 degrees, in a cool, dark location. If you keep tyres somewhere where it’s too hot, they’re likely to dry out, harden, and potentially crack.

Avoid sunlight

When choosing a storage location, make sure it’s away from sunlight.

UV rays can cause lots of problems and reduce the durability of a tyre.

Use a tyre bag

The easiest way to protect a tyre while in storage is through a specialised tyre bag. These will help keep the tyres dry and protect the tyres from oils, solvents and other chemicals that may be in the storage location.

Don’t overload the tyres

When it comes to storing the tyres, make sure that they’re not under heavy load or tension.

It’s OK to stack one on top of the other, but don’t pile other things on top of the stack. If you’re going to stack them, increase the pressure slightly on the bottom tyre as this has to bear the load of the weight.

When to buy new tyres?

Removing tyres for storage is the perfect opportunity to check their condition.

Start by checking the sidewall for the age of the tyres. Look for the letters DOT and then a four-digit number. The latter two numbers indicate the year the tyre was manufactured, and the first two the week in that year. Tyres need replacing at the latest every 6-10 years, and you should use the DOT number as a guide for this. If you’ve had the tyres a shorter time than the manufactured date, you should still use the DOT number as tyres degrade from the day they are manufactured.

Also take the opportunity to check the condition of the tyres. If there are signs of damage or the tread is especially worn, your tyres may need replacing.

If you’re unsure whether your tyres are in need of replacement, you can book our Free Tyre Check to help.

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