Should front tyres have higher pressure than rear tyres?

Correct tyre pressure is essential for safety and optimum performance when driving. Tyres are the only parts of your vehicle in contact with the road, and the pressurised air inside them carries the entire weight of the vehicle.

Many motorists wonder if the front tyre pressure should be higher than the rear pressure. Whilst higher tyre pressure on front tyres may be recommended for certain models to allow for the engine weight, it’s also true that other cars require the same pressure across all four tyres. The truth is there isn’t one answer – it varies depending on your manufacturer specifications.

To know whether your vehicle needs higher pressure in the front tyres, it is always best to consult your manufacturer handbook. They've used advanced engineering to create a unique vehicle model and every detail matters—including the recommended tyre pressure. For full details of the problems excessive tyre pressure can cause, check out our article on the effects of overinflated tyres

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