Air Con Diagnostic
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Air Con Diagnostic

Prices may vary depending on location
Air Con system inspection (required before an Air Con Service)
  • A thorough inspection for faults and leaks
  • Inspection of the compressor, hoses and condenser
  • Air Con Recharge from £50

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Before we can carry out your Air Con Service (including an air con regas), as a legal requirement we'll need to check the system for any faults or leaks. The Pre Service Inspection includes:

  • A temperature check
  • A refrigerant check
  • A thorough inspection of the system's key components, including the compressor, condenser, drive belts and hoses
  • A leak test (using nitrogen)

Once complete, our team will give you the option of a full Air Con Service including an air con regas (also known as an air con recharge) for an additional cost of £50 or £110 dependant on your vehicles gas type. We will replace and recharge lubricant and refrigerant levels in line with your manufacturer's recommendation.

Note: the additional cost of the Air Con Service will be £50 for R134a refrigerant and £110 for the newer R1234yf gas.

Air conditioning services are now available in our garages. We have introduced new safety measures and equipment to help protect our customers and colleagues while we carry out this service. Our centre colleague will explain the process when you arrive.