Car Air Conditioning Tips

What is air conditioning?

A car air conditioning system cools the temperature inside your car and helps to filter out pollen, pollutants and airborne bacteria.

The AC system works like your fridge at home - the air is cooled with a refrigerant gas and then circulates through your car.

There are a few things to be mindful of when it comes to maintaining your car’s air conditioning system. Here are our top air con tips to help you keep the system healthy.

Close your windows when using air con

During hot spells, it's tempting to open your windows for that extra blast of cold air. However, if your windows are open and your air con is on, you're actually wasting fuel and pumping cooled air outside

Recharge your air con regularly

As with oil and other liquids in your vehicle, the coolant used by the air con system needs to be regularly refreshed (known as a recharge or re-gas). Periodically, the coolant has to be drained, refilled and key components lubricated to keep them working efficiently. Most manufacturers recommend a recharge every two years, but make sure to check your vehicle's handbook.

If your coolant levels are reducing faster than expected, this could indicate a leak in your system. It's important to get this checked as the gases (while safer than those used in the early 1990s), are harmful to the environment.

At Halfords’ stores and garages, we can recharge your air con and check for leaks as part of the service. Our highly skilled technicians will also lubricate all the moving parts to prolong your air con's life span.

Alternatively, you can recharge your car’s air conditioning yourself. Just make sure that you follow the instructions carefully as releasing the gases can be harmful to the environment.

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Keep your air con clean

Noticing a nasty smell when using your air con? This is a common sign that your air conditioning system needs a good clean.

Unpleasant odours are caused by a build-up of dust and liquid, creating a breeding ground for bacteria. At Halfords garages, we offer an Antibacterial Clean - eradicating 99% of bacteria and leaving your air con smelling fresh.

To find out more about the air con services that we offer, visit our Air Conditioning page.

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