Cozy N Safe Nova 100-150cm i-Size BL

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Cozy N Safe Nova 100-150cm i-Size BL
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Cozy N Safe Nova 100-150cm i-Size BL

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  • Isofix Compatible
  • Age: 4-12 Years approx
  • Fitment: Isofix + Vehicle Belt

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Cozy N Safe Nova 100-150cm i-Size BL
Cozy N Safe Nova 100-150cm i-Size BL
£99.99 £69.99 save £30
Intervening prices may have been charged

Cozy N Safe Nova 100-150cm i-Size BL

  • Adjustable ISOFix Connectors
  • Fixed Side Impact Protection
  • Comfort and Padding
  • Easy Installation
  • Adjustable Headrest
  • Recline Positions
  • Removable and Washable Covers
  • Tested to i-Size Safety Standards

The Cozy N Safe Nova High Backed Booster Seat is the perfect solution for your growing child. It is designed to accommodate children from 100 to 150cm in height, approximately 4 to 12 years old. With its superior features and comfort, the Nova ensures a cozy and secure experience for your little passenger.

Adjustable ISOFix Connectors: The Nova booster seat is equipped with adjustable ISOFix connectors that pivot up and down. This feature allows for a customized and secure fit in your car, regardless of the make or model. The adjustable connectors ensure that the seat remains stable during travel.

Fixed Side Impact Protection: The booster seat features fixed side impact protection on both sides. Along with designed crumple zones and additional padding, this provides enhanced safety in the event of a side-on collision. Your child's well-being is prioritized, and they are protected from potential impacts.

Comfort and Padding: Cozy N Safe's signature deep padding is integrated into the Nova booster seat. This ensures optimum comfort for your child, whether you're taking short trips or embarking on longer journeys. The plush padding provides a cozy and snug seating experience.

Easy Installation: The Nova can be installed in most cars using the optional ISOFix connectors and the vehicle's 3-point seat belt. This offers flexibility and convenience, allowing for easy and secure installation.

Adjustable Headrest: The booster seat features an adjustable headrest with 11 different height positions. The headrest extends up to 20cm, providing optimal protection for children of varying heights. This feature ensures that your child's head and neck are well-supported as they grow.

Recline Positions: The Nova offers three recline positions, allowing for added comfort and preventing head flop if your toddler or child falls asleep in the car. This feature ensures a more relaxed and enjoyable travel experience.

Removable and Washable Covers: All covers of the Nova booster seat can be easily removed and machine washed at 30°C. This makes maintenance and cleaning a breeze, keeping the seat fresh and hygienic.

Tested to i-Size Safety Standards: The Nova booster seat is rigorously tested to meet the latest i-Size safety standards. This ensures that the seat provides maximum safety and protection for your child, giving you peace of mind during every journey.

The Cozy N Safe Nova High Backed Booster Seat combines safety, comfort, and convenience for your growing child. With its adjustable features, enhanced protection, and easy installation, it offers an ideal solution for a safe and enjoyable travel experience.