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Founded in 1939, Wynns are on a mission to become the go-to brand for speciality chemical products used in automobiles across the world.

Wynn's are the current global leader in additive technology, working to manufacture the highest quality additives for over 80 years.

The range of Wynn's products work to prevent and solve problems that affect the operation of your engine - as an alternative to mechanical repairs, many problems you may experience with your car can be resolved - or prevented - using Wynns.

From Wynn’s Engine Flush to Wynn’s Diesel Cleaner, the range of products Wynns offer are affordable, efficient and easy-to-use, to keep you from spending hundreds at your local garage.

Your car is an investment - just like a house - and your engine has to endure a lot during its lifetime.

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Wynn's Engine Flush

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Getting rid of build-up in your car’s engine has never been easier, than with Wynn’s Engine Flush.

Working on both diesel and petrol engines, this Wynn’s Engine Treatment works to clear all of the build-up sludge and other contaminates from vital parts of your engine, easily.

Whilst the Wynn’s Engine Flush clears your vehicle, it also works to protect it moving forwards, so you don’t end up with as much build up within your engine in the future.

Quietening noisy hydraulic valve lifters by removing deposits, Wynn’s Engine Flush also aids your engine in performing better and frees stuck internal engine components by dissolving those deposits.

Explore more about Wynn’s Engine Flush online here.

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Wynn's Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner

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Give your diesel engine the shake-up it needs, with Wynn's Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner.

This Wynn's Diesel Turbo Cleaner works to reduce soot emissions, regenerating the particulate filter, giving your engine a proper spring clean without having to dismantle the filter.

Using this Wynn's Diesel Cleaner allows you to reduce your fuel consumption and avoids the regular maintenance costs of diesel engines by your local garage.

Wynn's Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner works to completely burn-off your car's soot particles during your drive, and is ultra-fast to kick in, providing you results straight away.

Find out more about Wynn's Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner online here.

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Wynn's Diesel EGR Cleaner

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Clean out your car's EGR valve with ease, using Wynn's Diesel EGR Cleaner.

Help to diminish black smoke from your exhaust with this simple Wynn’s Stop Smoke cleaner - the EGR cleaner works to remove carbon and tar-like deposits that restrict air flow in your exhaust, which causes the EGR valve to stick.

However, in using the Wynn’s Diesel EGR Cleaner, the product will work to re-establish air flow towards your vehicle’s combustion chamber, dis-guarding unwanted products for improved performance.

Using this Wynn’s Diesel product couldn’t be easier, and allows you to clean these components without having to dismantle any parts of the vehicle.

Discover more about Wynn’s Diesel EGR Cleaner online here.

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Wynn's Xtreme Diesel System Cleaner

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Wynn's Xtreme Diesel Cleaner is a powerful tank clean-up, for diesel engines.

Designed to protect, restore and maintain efficiency, the Wynn’s Xtreme Diesel System Cleaner works to clean up modern high-pressure engines.

Working to clean and protect the engine’s fuel pump and it’s injectors, the Wynn’s Xtreme Diesel Cleaner is key to maintaining your car’s engine cleanliness and efficiency.

Available for petrol engines too, the Wynn’s Diesel Extreme Cleaner is a must-have for all car owners.

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Wynn's Formula Gold Petrol Treatment

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Improve your petrol engine's performance, with Wynn's Formula Gold Petrol Treatment.

The Wynn's Formula Gold Treatment works to reduce your fuel consumption, eliminate any jerking and helps you reduce CO and HC emissions from your car.

The chemicals included in this Wynn's Engine Treatment don't harm your catalysts, instead working to protect and clean the inside injection systems and catalysts.

A must-have for petrol engine owners, Wynn's Formula Gold Petrol Treatment helps you keep your car healthy without significant maintenance.

Explore more information on Wynn's Formula Gold Treatment online here.

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