A visionary invention to keep your windscreen clear

Whether you are an occasional Sunday motorist, a daily commuter, or a high-mileage driver, when it's pouring with rain it is much more difficult to see out of the windscreen making driving more difficult and dangerous.

That's why we highly recommend a brilliant invention called Duxback that keeps your windscreen and windows clear in the rain and cold.

What does Duxback do?

It's a treatment that's applied to your car's glass, and as the name suggests it repels water. So when driving in the rain (at speeds above 40mph) any water blows straight off, so you can see the road ahead much better.

How will it help me?

It will make it easier for you to see the road and other cars when it is raining. In fact research shows that Duxback can increase visibility by more than a third when driving in pouring rain.

Duxback also stops ice forming on your windscreen or any glass that's been treated and as anyone who has ever started their car on a cold and frosty winter morning will tell you, it would incredibly useful to not have to de-ice their car when they just want to go!

How do I get it?

If you want to have Duxback put on your windscreen or windows just ask your Halfords Autocentre technician or for more details visit our website.