Hypermiling tips to increase fuel efficiency

With the rise in petrol prices and overall cost of living, many of us are looking for clever ways to save money. As a result, improving fuel efficiency has become much more of a focus. Thankfully, there are a number of tips to help save you money on fuel from hypermiling to good vehicle maintenance.

In this article, we’ll cover hypermiling techniques to help increase your fuel efficiency and reduce harmful emissions.

What is hypermiling?

Hypermiling is a series of energy efficient driving techniques with the aim of gaining maximum mileage and saving on fuel costs. Guinness World Record holder for hypermiling, Kevin Booker recommends the following techniques for making your fuel go further:

Read the road ahead:

Thoroughly assessing the road is essential when looking to maximise fuel efficiency. Being more observant of what’s ahead allows you to better react to what’s around you, reducing the need for any sudden braking. For example, if you are approaching traffic lights that have been green for some time, it’s likely they will soon change to red. This assessment gives you the opportunity to start braking slowly, rather than coming to a sudden stop. 

Remove excess weight :

Excess weight on your vehicle uses more fuel, creating a drag and impacting rolling resistance. As a result, it’s important that anything you are not using is removed, such as any clutter in the boot. 

Regularly check tyre pressure:

Underinflated tyres will increase your fuel consumption, so it’s essential to get your tyre pressure checked regularly. You can check this yourself using a tyre pressure gauge, or head to one of our Autocentres for a Free Tyre Check. One of our experts will check your tyre pressure as well as the tread depth and an overall inspection to confirm your tyres are safe and legal.

No harsh acceleration or braking:

Harsh acceleration and braking will quickly eat into your fuel consumption, so it’s essential to ensure you drive smoothly. Even reducing your speed by five miles per hour on the motorway can help improve fuel efficiency without having too much of an affect on your arrival time. Always ensure you stick to speed limits, not only so you drive lawfully, but also to help fuel economy.

Good vehicle maintenance:

One of the best ways to improve your fuel efficiency is to ensure your vehicle is properly maintained. Getting your car serviced regularly to ensure your vehicle is in full working order will help your fuel go further. For even greater efficiency, you can book our Fuel Efficiency Pack as an add on when booking a full, interim or major car service and instantly maximise your mileage.

Halfords Fuel Efficiency Pack:

The Halfords Fuel Efficiency Pack helps economise your vehicle by cleaning and removing contaminants from your engine and fuel system, you can add this to any of our car service options online or in garage. 
You’ll notice the difference after just a short drive, saving yourself money on fuel and reducing harmful exhaust emissions.

Our Fuel Efficiency Pack improves your car’s engine performance, helping increase fuel efficiency and reducing harmful exhaust emissions. Good maintenance of vehicle can help you save on fuel costs, while reducing your carbon footprint.

Over time, carbon and other contaminants will build up and form deposits in your engine. Without proper cleaning, the fuel system can become clogged, leading to poor acceleration, reduced power and engine problems, all of which can impact fuel consumption. We use a special non-invasive procedure to clean and remove these contaminants from your engine and fuel system, so your car burns fuel more efficiently. It's one of the best ways to improve fuel consumption.

For this procedure to be fully effective, we have to apply it before draining the old engine oil and then refilling the engine with clean oil. By not draining the old engine oil after the procedure, any contaminates already present will remain in the engine and the benefits will be greatly reduced and it could potentially cause harm to the engine . It also makes economic sense to add clean oil to a clean engine!

No, they aren’t sold individually online, and the service needs to be undertaken by a professional to ensure the car is properly maintained and fit for purpose. Please note that this can only be added to a Car Service

You will notice the difference after a short drive, especially if you are not the first owner of your car.

This should only be completed during your car service by adding the Fuel Efficiency Pack to your Interim Service, Full Service, Major Service or Oil + Filter Change.

The procedure involves a fuel system cleaner and an oil system cleaner, which are correctly applied during your service by one of our expert technicians. The fuel system cleaner works to clean the fuel injection system, restoring injector spray pattern and keeping valves clean. This leads to less unburnt fuel being wasted, improved fuel efficiency and restored engine performance. The oil system cleaner works to remove carbon deposits and contamination that build up over time in your engine. Draining old oil will never remove all the contamination that occurs between service intervals. The oil system cleaner will help keep new oil cleaner for longer, which will help to maintain better fuel economy, emissions, and engine performance.

Yes, the Fuel Efficiency Pack treatment is suitable for both diesel and petrol engines. We use a fuel-specific cleaning fluid depending on which type of engine you have.

Our Fuel Efficiency Pack treatment should be used alongside your annual car service (which should take place every 12 months or 12,000 miles) or whenever your car’s oil is being changed. We particularly recommend adding this to your first car service if you’re not the original owner of your car, for peace of mind that your engine and fuel system are performing as efficiently as possible. Keep an eye on the efficiency and performance of your vehicle too. If you notice a sharp decline in fuel economy, you may benefit from using the Fuel Efficiency Pack treatment.

At Halfords, we’re committed to supporting our customers with the rising cost of motoring. Having the Fuel Efficiency Pack undertaken, alongside a service, can improve fuel efficiency, meaning fuel goes further.

The service is offered at Halfords Garages nationwide.

Customers can book the service on the website, or by calling up or visiting their local Autocentre.

This procedure is carried out as an add on to your service and the time to carry out all the work can vary depending on your vehicle. Our team will contact you when your car is ready to collect.