Mountain Bike Clubs

How do you make riding your mountain bike even more fun? By becoming a member of an MTB club. Joining a friendly mountain bike club is a great way to meet others who share your passion for pedalling. As well as being able to make friends, you’ll also get an insight into the best local mountain bike trails and routes and ride them with friends.

You want to join a club, where do you start? Our guide to the top UK mountain bike clubs and associations includes everything you need to get started.

Why join a mountain bike club?

A mountain bike club can be many things. It could simply be a group of friends who arrange to meet up regularly, or a fully paid-up membership organisation that’s registered with British Cycling.

The one thing that mountain bike clubs have in common is a love for two-wheeled adventures. Sure, you can ride on your own, but riding with a club can be more fun. You’ll be able to test yourself against riders of all abilities, access local routes and rides, plan adventures and compare notes.

If you’re just getting to grips with mountain biking, joining a club is one of the best things you can do. Experienced club riders can offer advice, support and guidance on how to ride, set up your bike and more.

When you’re on the trails, riding in a group enables you to see how other, more experienced riders tackle obstacles, tracks and trails – ensuring you’re learning while you’re burning.

It’s not all about the bike, though. Many mountain bike clubs end their runs at a café or pub, where you can chat about bikes for as long as you like.

Most mountain bike clubs will expect you to apply to become a member. You’ll possibly need to pay a registration fee and annual subscription, but nobody is getting rich here, so expect to pay less than £20 per year. Many clubs have affiliations and associations that can save you money, too. It’s a perk of being a member!

Finding a Club - Meetup

There are loads of ways to find a mountain bike club near you. The easiest way is to simply type ‘mountain bike club near me’ into Google and see what happens.

You can find mountain bike groups on Facebook and other social platforms too. Search for local groups using your city, town or area and join.

Here are some other ways to find mountain bike clubs near you:

If you can’t find a local mountain bike club near you, then visit your local Halfords store. Our cycling fanatics will be able to talk to you about local clubs, routes and rides.

Local riders, local rides

If you’re new to an area or new to the sport, finding the best mountain bike trails and rides can be a challenge. A great way of finding a club is to visit your nearest trails centre or speak to local riders. To give you a head start, we’ve selected our favourite trails and rides in England, Scotland, Wales and the Peak District where you’ll find our selection of some of the most attractive, and most challenging, rides in our beautiful country.

If you’re looking to find a new club, our advice is not to be shy. Chat with riders, visit your local Halfords, drop in to your nearest trails centre and begin a conversation. When you start connecting, you’ll find that MTB riders are a friendly bunch who are brought together by a shared passion for off-road riding.

One of the benefits of hooking up with a club or riding group is access to a whole new world of trails, many of which you’ll probably never have heard of. In the clandestine world of mountain biking, great rides and routes are passed on through word of mouth. Join a club, and you’ll become part of the conversation.

Local MTB Repairs

If you’re heading out on a ride with a group or club for the first time, you need to know the rule of the (off) road. It’s all about etiquette

British Cycling’s Trail Smart film is an excellent place to start. Just remember, it’s about riding safely and conscientiously. When you’re in a group, you need to think about your safety and that of other riders.

One of the biggest potential pitfalls is suffering a mountain bike mechanical on the trail. If something goes wrong on a group ride, you’re not just holding yourself up but the rest of the team too.

While accidents can (and do!) happen, the best way to dodge disaster is to keep your bike serviced and well-maintained. At Halfords, we offer bike servicing packages for all types of mountain bikes, including electric mountain bikes.

Our mechanics can service your bike, and take care of any essential maintenance and crucial upgrades that you need to enjoy your time on the trails. We’ve also got all the service spares you’ll need, as well as a hand-picked selection of upgrades if you’re looking to modify your mountain bike. Check out the range online or instore.

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