Cycle Technology Buyers Guide

Here's a selection of the most innovative and exciting new cycle technologies on the market.

Cycle technology can help you get the most out of every ride. Whether you want a safer ride, comfortable commute or are in training for a sportive or race, we've got innovative gadgets and accessories that will improve your performance and enjoyment every time you hit the road.

Cycling apps

Cycling apps use the power of your mobile phone to track your rides, measure your total distance, average speeds and elevation gains. Strava and Garmin Connect are two of the most popular with the basic versions of both available for free. As well as enabling you to track your performance and your progress over time, they're also a tremendous amount of fun as you push for a PB and compete against your friends. Once you're done, upload your ride to Relive where you can enjoy it in Tour-de-France style as it's replayed on a cool 3D map. For many riders, if your ride’s not on Strava or Garmin Connect, it never happened.

Cycling computers

A handle-bar mounted cycling computer gives you essential information about your ride, including current speed, average speed and the distance you've covered. This information can help you to plot your progress toward goals and to improve your training. A cycling computer is also essential if you’re including interval training in your work outs. Basic models are easy to fit and inexpensive. More advanced cycling computers like the Mio Cyclo 605 include integrated ANT+ and cadence sensors for complete performance monitoring, full European GPS maps and built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. S with everything, you get what you pay for.

Smart cycle helmets

Smart bike helmets are an upgrade on your traditional lid, incorporating new technology to improve the riding experience. The Livall BH60SE is Bluetooth enabled, allowing you to safely make and take phone calls and listen to music while cycling. Smart helmets often come with innovative safety featured like rear-sensors that can detect cars getting too close and powerful LED lights, that will help other road users to see you whatever the time of day.

Power meters / Cadence meters

If you're pushing yourself while training, power meters and cadence sensors will help you to track output and maximise performance. Power meters are strapped to your bike's crank and measure your total power output in watts. You can see peaks and troughs in exercise effort and measure your average output over a ride to see how you compare to the pros and your pals. Cadence sensors like the Halfords Magnetless Cadence Sensor record how many times you turn the pedals a minute. Many riders focus on maintaining a high cadence, particularly when climbing to increase speed. A cadence sensor linked to your mobile phone is a low-cost way of improving your efficiency while riding.

Heart rate monitors.

Cycling gets the blood flowing and the heart pumping, which you can measure with a heart rate monitor. Whether you choose a classic chest-mounted heart monitor or a band that reads your pulse, you'll know how fast your heart is beating on your ride. They allow you to calculate your maximum heart rate (HR max) and see the intensity of your workouts.

Smart bike lights

Smart bike lights can be flicked on and off with a tap of your smartphone. Boasting long battery life and strong output, they can be charged with a USB cable, meaning no fiddly batteries that run out at precisely the wrong moment! Cycling technology can improve your enjoyment of any ride, helping you to achieve your goals and stay safe and headed in the right direction! At Halfords, we've been helping cyclists get the best out of their bikes for over a century, and continue to this day with an incredible selection of innovative and exciting accessories and add-ons.

You can shop the range online or visit any Halfords store to get up-close and personal with our products. If you need some help tackling new tech chat with one of our members of staff who can help you find the right products you need.