The Halfords Engine Oil Selection System

In order to help you locate the right engine oil for your car, our packaging and digital experience uses a numbered classification system. In this article, we take a closer look at how this system works and how best to utilise it.

The numbering system

Halfords range of engine oils displays a number on each bottle that ranges from 1-18. This correlates to different vehicle makes and models, making it easier to identify what type of oil your car requires. For example, an engine oil marked with a number ‘8’ is suitable for most VW, Audi, Seat, and Skoda vehicles from 2005 onwards and meets the requirements of VW and Audi 504 00/507 00 Long Life Service.

In order to find out which engine oil is right for your car, simply enter your vehicle’s registration number either on or the in-store screen in your local Halfords. If you need a hand, one of our expert colleagues will be happy to help.

Buying online

When you’re buying online, the search result will provide you with a picture of the packaging and, most importantly, the number of the engine oil that you require.

The number should be easily visible and can be found inside the white droplet shape on the front of the bottle.

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Buying in-store

When you’re buying in-store, you’re likely to be presented with a selection of engine oils on the in-store screen. These will include the Halfords range, alongside other branded engine oils. If you’re still unsure about which one you need, one of our expert colleagues will be happy to help.

Things to note

It’s worth noting that any non-Halfords engine oils aren’t part of the numbering selection process (these brands include Mobil 1, Petronas, and Castrol).

Just remember, if you’re ever unsure or need a helping hand, pop into your nearest store for some expert advice and guidance.

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