The New and Improved Halfords Engine Oil Selection System

Halfords have upgraded the packaging and digital experience in order to help you locate the right Engine Oil for your car. This new system offers a self-select process that will be available both in-store and online.

We will gradually be phasing out our old oil packaging so in order to understand the key differences we have explained the new system below.

The Numbers

Halfords range of Engine Oils will now display a number on each bottle that will range from 1-18. In order to find out which Engine Oil is right for your car, simply enter your Vehicle’s Registration (Number Plate) either on the Halfords Website, screen in-store or one of our expert colleagues will do it for you.


Online, the result will provide you with a picture of the packaging and, most importantly, the number of the Engine Oil that you require.

The number should be easily visible on the bottle but, if you are unsure, the number that you are looking for can be found inside the white droplet shape on the front of the bottle.

new oil system


In-store, you will find digital screens that will allow you to input your Vehicle Registration to find the correct Engine Oil number. You will likely be presented with a selection of Engine Oils including Halfords new range alongside other branded Engine Oils. If in doubt, ask one of our expert colleagues to help you.

Things To Bear In Mind

It is worth noting that any non-Halfords Engine Oils are not part of the new numbering selection process (These brands include Mobil 1, Petronas and Castrol). Additionally, as this new system launches, customers may find that packaging may vary as the previous system of identifying Engine Oil is phased out. One of the most important things to remember though is that our Halfords expert colleagues are readily available in store to ensure that you find the Engine Oil that is right for you.

Select the correct oil for your car