If your car battery has recently been replaced, then you might be wondering what you should do with the old one. Keep reading to discover how to dispose of a car battery and how to recycle them.

How can Halfords help with car battery disposal?

Under current legislation, car batteries can’t be sent to landfill sites without going through a long clean-up process, so your best bet is to pop down to your local Halfords store where we can dispose of and recycle your car battery for you.

We use an approved waste disposal company that can recover up to 95% of the lead from car batteries. The batteries are recycled here in the UK, helping to cut down on CO2 emissions, and are turned into new batteries, automobile parts and plasterboard components.

All of which means that bringing your old car battery to us for recycling is a great option for both you and the environment.

Safety tips for disposing of car batteries

Stay safe by using the Halfords guide to handling car batteries:

  • Battery acid can burn clothing and skin and even cause blindness if it leaks, so wear protective clothing when inspecting a battery prior to disconnection/transportation.
  • Disconnect the battery before inspecting it.
  • Always disconnect the negative cable first and reconnect it last.
  • Before moving a car battery, carry out a thorough inspection of its condition, using a torch to check all sides of the battery for marks, dents or leaks.
  • If the battery has any severe dents or leaks, then contact a professional mechanic or breakdown service for assistance and get it repaired or replaced. Don’t attempt to move it.
  • During transport, cover the terminals so they can’t be shorted out.
  • Keep the battery upright at all times.
  • Batteries can be fairly heavy, so be careful when lifting and carrying the battery. Seek assistance if required.
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