Loyalty: Trade up from Free to Premium Membership

We all love a good freebie but sometimes paying that little bit extra can help you reap even greater rewards. The Halfords Motoring Club is our fantastic loyalty scheme that provides benefits and discounts to our customers across all motoring products and services.

We offer both Free and Premium membership to our customers, with the latter providing even greater rewards. Here are just a few reasons why it pays to trade up from Free to Premium membership of our loyalty scheme:

You’re upgrading your membership

When switching your Halfords Motoring Club membership from Free to Premium, you are effectively upgrading your membership and gaining access to a wider range of exclusive benefits that are not available within the Free tier.

The rewards within our Premium tier are worth over £100, so an upgraded membership means upgraded savings!

It’s easy to upgrade your loyalty membership. Simply log in to your Halfords Motoring Club account and select the option to upgrade to Premium membership.

Premium membership offers more benefits

There are a number of benefits within our Premium membership that aren’t included within our free tier. You can instantly gain access to the following fantastic deals and discounts when you upgrade to Premium:

  • 1x free MOT at one of our Halfords Autocentres worth from £44.99
  • A £10 welcome voucher
  • 1x free weFit of a pair of wiper blades, pair of bulbs or one battery
  • 2x free 10-point car checks worth £30
  • Unlock premium pricing – get 5% off all motoring products and services across stores, garages and Halfords Mobile Expert
  • Free next day delivery for all online orders

Premium membership benefits are instantly available

Once you have upgraded to our premium membership, there’s no waiting around - you can access your benefits and rewards instantly. That means immediate access to your exclusive 5% discount on all motoring products and services.

When it comes to booking your free MOT, we advise you to make an appointment as early as possible to secure your booking.

Premium benefits are valid for a whole year

With Premium membership, your benefits are valid for a whole year, meaning you can take advantage of reduced prices on all our motoring products and services every time you shop, all year round. From car cleaning products to staycation essentials, you’ll continuously benefit from Premium membership pricing.

Premium membership is affordable

When you upgrade to Premium membership, you can choose to pay smaller monthly instalments of £4.99 a month or an upfront cost of £49, which covers you for the whole year. The benefits you will receive are worth over £100, making a significant saving.

So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your loyalty membership today for even greater savings across our motoring products and services.

With the Halfords Motoring Club, we’re here to keep you moving, keep you safe and keep you saving.