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Start-stop batteries are becoming an increasingly popular choice for car manufacturers because of their ability to reduce CO2 emissions. Unlike normal car batteries, start-stop ones switch off your engine every time your car comes to a stop, conserving fuel and cutting down on the emissions your car releases.

The trade-off for this clever technology is that fitting a start-stop battery can be a challenging job and one that we’d always recommend leaving to the experts.

What is a start-stop battery?

Many modern cars use advanced technology like start-stop systems and regenerative braking to conserve fuel and reduce emissions. A start-stop battery helps to maximise these capabilities, to keep our cars more environmentally friendly.

To make an even bigger difference, you can recycle your old car battery with Halfords. Car batteries can’t be put in standard waste bins, so we’re here to do the hard work for you.

We use an approved waste disposal company that can recover up to 95% of the lead used to make the battery. They’re then recycled here in the UK, which cuts potential emissions even further, and are turned into new batteries, car parts, and plasterboard components. Just drop your old battery at your nearest store, and we’ll do the rest. Learn more about car battery recycling at Halfords.

Why should I get my start-stop battery fitted?

The number one reason for getting your car battery professionally fitted is that in most start-stop cars, a new battery will need to be paired with the car’s onboard computer before it will work properly. This requires the use of an iMAT tool, which is a special piece of equipment that you’re not likely to have to hand.

Also, if your new car battery hasn’t been paired correctly with your onboard computer, then you run the risk of the start-stop function not working at all, increased emissions, greater fuel consumption and non-critical vehicle systems shutting down.

Avoid the hassle and let us take care of fitting your new start-stop battery for you.

What start-stop battery options does Halfords offer?

Start-stop batteries come in two different types: EFB and AGM.

  • Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) are suitable for small and mid-range cars with entry-level start-stop systems. They’re also known as Advanced Flooded Batteries (AFB) and Enhanced Cycling Mat (ECM) batteries.
  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are suitable for upper mid-range cars, SUVs and premium cars that have more sophisticated start-stop systems.

The two types of battery aren’t fully interchangeable. If you’ve currently got an EFB battery, then you can replace it with either an EFB or an AGM. However, if you’ve currently got an AGM battery then you’ll need to replace it with another AGM.

Here at Halfords, we offer a selection of Halfords Advanced EFB and AGM battery types. Our online vehicle registration checker makes it easy to find the right battery for your car – just pop in your details to see suitable results.

What car battery fitting options does Halfords offer?

Getting your new start-stop battery fitted by Halfords not only takes all of the difficulty out of the situation, but also provides you with a convenient and trusted service.

Our experienced colleagues can fit your battery at any of our retail stores or autocentres across the UK from just £25. We also offer start-stop battery fitting as part of our Halfords Mobile Experts service, where one of our technicians will come to you at home or work. You don’t even have to leave the house!

To book a fitting with Halfords, simply choose the fitting option during the online checkout process. You can select where you’d like the fitting to take place, as well as a time and date for the appointment that suits you.

If you’ve got any questions, or would prefer to book a fitting in person, drop into your local Halfords store or autocentre and one of our colleagues will be happy to help.

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