The best tyre inflators

Car tyres naturally lose pressure over time, so it’s essential to regularly monitor them and ensure they stay well inflated. When motorists drive on underinflated tyres, they run the risk of:

  • extended braking distances on wet roads
  • reduced steering control
  • poor fuel efficiency
  • punctured tyres

However, inflating car tyres needn’t be a hassle. With a good quality tyre inflator, you can pump up your tyres in a matter of minutes, all from the comfort of your garage, driveway or anywhere else. Having your own tyre inflator also means you can quickly rectify the issue once you notice your tyre pressure is low.

The figure for the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle is usually displayed near your fuel cap or on the frame of the driver door. Pressure is often displayed in two metrics, either psi or bar.

At Halfords, we have a range of accurate analogue and digital tyre inflators so your tyres can always be sufficiently inflated. In this guide, we’ll cover the best tyre inflators to ensure you can continue to drive smoothly and safely.

Halfords Essentials Tyre Inflator

The Halfords Essentials Tyre Inflator is a simple and convenient way to inflate tyres on your car or bike in up to six minutes. Simply plug it into the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle, switch it on, and away you go. There's a storage bag included, and its compact size makes it easy to store away in your car boot, taking up minimal room.

Halfords Analogue Tyre Inflator

If you find yourself needing to inflate your tyres in the dark, the Halfords Analogue Tyre Inflator is a great option and can inflate your tyre in up to four minutes. It contains a bright LED light, making it perfect for night use, as a well as a fluorescent analogue gauge. There is also the option to choose between multiple measuring units, while the flat design allows for easy foot operation.

Halfords Digital Tyre Inflator

Alternatively, you can opt for the digital version of the inflator, which contains a large digital gauge with a back light, allowing for even clearer vision at night. It also contains a storage tray for valve caps, while the wind-up power cable makes for easy storage. This option has an auto-cut off and allows for even faster inflation in up to three minutes.

Halfords Rapid Digital Tyre Inflator

For more efficient tyre inflation, the Halfords Rapid Digital Tyre Inflator is an ideal option. The powerful motor means your tyres can be sufficiently inflated within two minutes and includes a pre-set function to automatically cut off when your selected pressure is reached, making for fast and hassle-free tyre inflation.

Halfords Advanced Tyre Inflator

For those who require maximum visibility when inflating tyres in the dark, the Halfords Advanced Tyre Inflator is a great choice. It contains a bright torch, making it ideal for night-time use, as well as multi functions to inflate and deflate your car tyres. The rotatory switch helps you easily swap between settings, while the multiuser program helps you store a range of tyre information for different vehicles – perfect for multi-car families. What’s more, you can inflate your tyres in under two minutes, and it comes with both a 12v and 240v adapter so you can connect to the mains or your cigarette lighter.

Michelin Programmable Superfast 4x4 Digital Tyre Inflator

If you’re an SUV or 4x4 driver, look no further than the Michelin Programmable Superfast 4x4 Digital Tyre Inflator. This robust inflator uses direct drive technology, where the motor connects directly to the pump rather than using a belt to connect the two. The full inflation time for a tyre is under two minutes and it's ideal for regular, heavy-duty use on larger tyres found on SUVs and 4x4s.

This option also has a pre-set function with auto cut-out, so you can programme the exact pressure required and have the peace of mind that your tyres won’t be inflated past the optimum level.

With our vast range of some of the best inflators, you’ll never have to worry about low tyre pressure again. All our options allow for easy storage, fast inflation, and simple operation to ensure you’re always good to go.

You can view our full range of tyre inflators online, or pop into your local store where a colleague will be happy to help.

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