Motorcycle Locks Buyers Guide

A motorcycle lock is a great way to keep your bike safe and secure.

It will act as a deterrent to any thieves and make it much harder to for them to steal (one of) your most valuable and prized possessions.

It’s always a good idea take measurements of your bike before you go to buy a lock as you don’t want to get it home and find that it doesn’t fit! Depending on which type of lock you go for, it will attach to a different part of your bike so we suggest you take measurements of various different parts of the frame.

Cable Locks

Cable locks are very versatile. They are flexible so are easy to use and can be attached to any area of your bike making it easy to lock it up wherever you stop. Since they are lightweight and compact, they can be carried easily in a backpack or topbox. We recommend that you use these in combination with disk or shackle locks for extra security.

The MagnumPlus Hercules Armoured Lock is an excellent option to go for as it high strength steel cable but is still lightweight and a hardened steel sheath to bolt and wire cutter. If you are looking to secure your accessories to your bike, grab a MagnumPlus Orion Combo Lock.

Disc Locks

Disc locks are small but mighty. They provide a good level of security but are compact so are ideal for taking out on the road with you.

A common way that thieves try to break locks is using a hammer so it is important to attach them at the point on the brake disc where it is hardest to do this. It is also advisable to use a disc lock on each wheel to mitigate this risk and preferably one with an alarm. The cable can then be attached to your bikes handlebars to act as a visual deterrent to thieves and a reminder to you not to try to ride off without removing your locks!

The MagnumPlus Cyclops Disc Padlock comes in a handy storage package and is small enough to pop in a jacket pocket or tank bag. It also features an alarm to scare off anyone attempting to steal your ride.

Chain Locks

Chain locks are the king of locks! Good quality chain locks are thick and extremely strong, and although no lock is completely thief-proof, they offer an excellent level of security as thieves can’t pick up your bike and load it onto the back of a van or trailer.

The best way to secure your motorcycle with a chain lock is to attach it to the frame then to an immovable object or ground anchor. Otherwise, you can attach it to the rear wheel but avoid attaching it to the front wheel if you can as it is easiest to remove from here. However, it’s good to bear in mind that due to the thickness of some chain locks, they can be pretty heavy so are best reserved for use at home.

The MagnumPlus Colossus Chain Lock with Padlock has a sturdy 1.8m x 12mm chain with reinforced hexagonal links and tight inside link dimensions to stop thieves with bolt cutters and hacksaws in their tracks.


Shackle locks, also known as ‘D-Locks’, are made of cut-resistant material, providing ultimate protection in high crime areas. They are really easy to use and come in different sizes to fit any bike. Get one which fits closely to your bike’s frame to make it harder to interfere with and position the lock downwards so it is more difficult to access.

Featuring a patented double deadbolt locking mechanism, high security ovalised cylinder and reinforced sleeve over the crossbar, the Kryptonite Evolution Long Shackle D-Lock offers exceptional security whilst the 360-degree rotation mounting system allows for better alignment with your bike’s individual frame geometry.

Motorcycle tips

In order to conceal your motorbike from prying eyes, try to keep it somewhere out of sight when you are storing it at home. Put a motorcycle cover over it so that thieves do not know what type of bike it is or how it is secured making it more difficult to determine whether they should try to steal it. One like this Halfords Premium Motorcycle Rain Cover will protect your bike from the elements as well; just remember to keep it away from the exhaust whilst your bike is still cooling down. To ensure your bike is extra secure, use a combination of different locks such as a cable lock or chain lock with a disc lock or shackle lock.

Check out our full range of locks or pop into your local store and speak to one of our colleagues who can give you some expert advice on the best lock for you.