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Cable replacements from Halfords

Your accelerator, brake, and clutch are key components of your car. But did you know that when you press down on any of the pedals, the force is transferred through a cable to the relevant parts inside your car.

Faulty cable symptoms

Cables will need replacing if they become stretched or even snap. You’re likely to feel if your accelerator, clutch or handbrake cables need changing, as you’ll notice something is wrong when you drive. If your accelerator cable is damaged, you should feel a change in pedal tension. Your handbrake won’t hold the weight of the vehicle if the cable needs replacing, and a faulty clutch cable could mean you struggle to change gear..

Cable replacement

If you need to replace your accelerator, brake, or clutch cable, it’s thankfully quite affordable. Once you’ve found the part you need, you can opt for our convenient click & collect service, or get your parts delivered straight to your door. For a helping hand finding what you need, why not pop into your local store where a colleague will be happy to help.