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Our range of glow plugs will give your diesel engine a warm feeling inside. Glow plugs work by heating the air in the combustion chamber, which ignites the fuel. They take a little while to warm up, but when they do are robust and reliable. Over time, they can wear out and need replacing. You might notice that your engine is taking longer to start, or it may not start at all! When this happens, head to Halfords. In stock, we’ve got a wide selection of glow plugs, all part of our range of car ignition system parts. You can search the entire range, or narrow down your selection with our car parts finder. Enter your registration and you’ll see replacement glow plugs that will slot straight in and start working. (If you drive a petrol car, check out our spark plug selection.) Once you’ve picked the right parts, then buy online and enjoy free delivery over £40. If you prefer the personal touch, use our Click and Collect service and you’ll be able to pick up your parts at a convenient Halfords.