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What is a flywheel?

Your car’s flywheel is a weighty, round disc connected to the engine’s crankshaft. The main job of a flywheel is to store kinetic energy that can be used to power your vehicle and prevent it from stalling.

There are two types of flywheel; Solid Flywheel and Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF). As the names suggest, a solid flywheel is a single piece of material with a simple, traditional design. A Dual Mass Flywheel consists of two separate sections connected by a dampening mechanism. Dual Mass Flywheels reduce vibration and noise, providing a quieter and smoother driving experience.

If you think there’s a problem with your flywheel, Halfords are always here to help. Buy online for delivery to your home or collect from a nearby branch. Alternatively, if you’re unsure where the nearest Halfords is, you can contact your local garage to arrange a replacement by our expert team.

What are the signs of a faulty flywheel?

Flywheels are usually highly durable engine components, but like any car part, they can have issues and wear over time. Here are the things to watch out for:

  • Problems with your clutch: A worn-out or damaged flywheel can cause clutch problems. If changing gears is tricky or you notice slipping, you might need to replace your flywheel.
  • Strange noises: Unusual noises, like grinding or rattling, may suggest you have a flywheel issue.
  • Vibrations: If you notice odd vibrations, particularly when engaging your clutch, you may have a problem with your flywheel.
  • Burning smell: A burning smell from the clutch area could be a sign of excess friction which can damage your flywheel.
  • Difficulty starting the engine: A damaged flywheel ring gear can make it difficult to start the engine. If you hear a grinding noise while starting the car, it may be a sign of a flywheel issue.
  • Visible damage: Check the flywheel for signs of damage, such as cracks, heat spots, or worn-out teeth. Dual Mass Flywheels are made of several parts. The amount of play in a Dual Mass Flywheel can be measured to determine its serviceability.
  • Mileage and wear: Like many components in a car, the lifespan of a flywheel can depend on driving conditions and maintenance. If a vehicle has high mileage or is heavily used, the flywheel may eventually wear out and need replacing.

Clutch kits

A new clutch kit features all the key elements of a car’s clutch, including a centre plate, pressure plate, and release bearing. Some kits also include a Dual Mass Flywheel, but often, flywheels are sold separately. All of which can improve your vehicle's performance. Choose between the best reputable brands at Halfords, such as a Sachs or LuK clutch kit.


The transmission system provides power to your wheels and keeps you moving forward (or backwards if you’re in reverse). Driving with a damaged transmission system is dangerous for you and your passengers, so it’s essential to sort out the problem as soon as possible.

Fly Wheels FAQs

Yes, a new clutch kit usually has all the essential parts of a car’s clutch system, including a flywheel. At Halfords, our clutch kits include a centre plate, pressure plate, release bearing and some also include a dual mass flywheel. All of which can improve your vehicle’s performance.

If your dual mass flywheel is damaged or breaks, changing gears can be tricky. There’s also a risk of causing irreversible damage to your clutch system, which can be expensive to fix.

We wouldn’t recommend driving with a damaged flywheel. Doing so may lead to your car not working at all. So, it’s a good idea to fix flywheel issues quickly.

It can be costly to replace a damaged flywheel as it involves removing the transmission and or engine. You can use Halfords’ car part finder for an accurate cost estimate.