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Shifting gears is what makes driving a manual car such a pleasure. At the heart of a manual transmission is a complex gearbox. Gearbox linkages transfer the movements you make to the gearbox. A breakdown in the linkages or a broken gearbox are dangerous and need to be fixed. If your transmission is temperamental, and you keep slipping gears or missing shifts, it’s worth investigating. While gearbox linkages are pretty simple to replace, gearboxes are complex units that are difficult to fix. In many cases, replacing a gearbox is actually cheaper than attempting to fix your existing box. You can find replacement DSG gearboxes, gearbox parts and linkages at Halfords. Selecting the specialist parts is fast and simple with our car parts selector tool. Type in your registration number and you’ll see the right parts. Everything online can be purchased with free home delivery over £40 and interest-free credit when you spend over £99. Replacing a gearbox isn’t an easy job, in fact it’s one of the most complicated there is - but we’re here to help. You can find all the transmission spares you’ll need to complete the job, and all the essential fluids, filters and parts to get you on the road again and enjoying the journey as quickly as possible.