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Driving in Europe is a pleasure, but you’ll need to ensure that you’re safe. Headlight deflectors are simple stick-on patches that deflect the beams of our headlights, ensuring that the lights don’t shine too brightly on drivers coming in the opposite direction. Cheap, easy-to-fit and available at your local Halfords, they’re part of any essential European travel kit .

At Halfords, we know that driving abroad isn’t the same as at home, so to make help to make it we’ve created a guide to driving in Europe . You’ll learn why headlamp deflectors are a legal requirement, whatever happens with Brexit.

You can find headlamp beam converters on their own, or as part of an international kit coming packaged with a magnetic GB plate - another requirement for driving in France and other countries. If you want a simple solution, you can pick up a Halfords Motoring Abroad Kit with everything in it you need for a great trip.

Everything you need for a safe time abroad is available at Halfords online or instore. You can get free delivery over £40 or have your travel accessories delivered to your local Halfords store with our Click and Collect service. Every adventure abroad should start with a trip to your local Halfords.