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    Travel Accessories at Halfords

    We all know that as drivers we should be prepared for every eventuality, but let's be honest; very few of us are! We won't get snow for five years and then all of a sudden a few feet will get dumped on us, and then it's time to break the snow chains, shovels, and snow socks out!

    Aside from bad weather, there are other occasions in life where we may need car accessories. The first ones we're likely to buy are when we're learning to drive; L Plates, the Highway Code and practice tests.

    As much as we love our pets, travelling with them doesn't always result in the smooth journey we'd like. But this is why dog guards were created! Install a dog cage into your car to keep your pooch happy and allow you to carry on driving, distraction free.

    Heading abroad? In some countries you may need to carry other items such as breathalysers and headlamp converters. And if you're off on a long jaunt then car trailers can come in mighty handy if you don't travel light!