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Bluetooth Car Kits at Halfords

Using your phone whilst behind the wheel of a moving vehicle - whether you're texting or checking social media - is an enormous risk to public safety and in violation of the law, taking your eyes off the road and endangering the people around you.

However, there is a way to speak on the phone whilst staying safely in the driver's seat, thanks to Bluetooth and hands free mobile car kits.

At Halfords we stock a wide range of hands free equipment featuring market leaders such as Parrot Bluetooth. These items connect to phones and let drivers make and receive calls safely without having to take their focus off the wheel.

Fitting a Bluetooth or hands-free kit is fairly straightforward, but it's completely understandable if you're a little nervous. Simply pop into your local store and make the most of our quick and easy fitting service, where our experts will happily handle it for you!