Sports GPS Buyers Guide

Find out more about the different types of sports GPS and how they can help you push your performance to the next level.

Sports GPS Buyer's Guide

GPS has a wide range of uses in sport, and is a popular way for people to track their performance when training.

GPS technology is extremely useful for all sorts of sports & outdoor activities because it lets you monitor your position as well as other key info such as speed, distance, and pace. Some sports GPS products also show you other useful data, such as heart rate and calories burned. Whether you train for fun, fitness or for competition, seeing how far you've run, cycled, trekked or hit your shot can be a great motivator, and it can help you to keep pushing for your personal best.

Types of Sports GPS

GPS Cycle Computers

GPS Bike Computers can be fixed onto your handlebars with a mount and provide lots of useful and detailed info to help you get the most out of every ride.


  • Track time, distance, speed, location, elevation and calories burned
  • Many models can be paired with other devices to offer even more info such as cadence, power and heart rate
  • Your stats will be shown in real time whilst you're cycling and will also be recorded for you to review at the end of your ride
  • Higher end GPS Computers provide route guidance, just like the Sat Nav in your car
  • Brands such as Garmin offer smartphone apps that work with your device
  • Many are also compatible with popular third party apps such as Strava, enabling you to show off your routes and compete with friends

GPS Running Watches

Worn just like a normal wristwatch, GPS running watches track how far and how fast you've run.


  • Accurately record time, distance and pace
  • Save training data on an internal memory
  • Create workouts or race against previous lap times
  • Upload data onto your PC and share your progress with other runners online
  • Many are compatible with heart rate monitors, letting you track your heart rate as well as calories burnt
  • Some work with third party apps, so you can compete against your friends

Handheld GPS

Handheld GPS systems are typically used by hikers, campers, and explorers to track their location and where they are headed.


  • Pinpoint your position precisely
  • Display vital info such as terrain and difficulty
  • Designed to work even under tree cover and in canyons
  • Often used for ‘geocaching', which is similar to a high-tech treasure hunt

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