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Dash Cams At Halfords

Dash cams are the perfect way of gaining the ultimate peace of mind and security whilst out and about or parked in your vehicle. They record your vehicle's surroundings from the dashboard, taking stock of any problems that might meet your car.

At Halfords, we offer an extensive range of the best dash cams available on today's market. This includes leading brands like Garmin, Blackvue, Kenwood and Nextbase Dash Cams. If you're un-decided on which car camera you should buy we have a handy buying guide full of tips on which dash cam you should choose.

We stock models for users looking for a cheap camera and an easy addition to their vehicle alongside more premium units such as front and rear dash cams like the Nextbase Duo camera which also features wireless technology or the latest Nextbase Dash Cam 322GW

For our wide catalogue of dashcams, either browse online or pop into your local Halfords today and speak to one of our experts!

Dash Cam FAQs

What is a dash cam?

A dash cam is a small camera system for inside your vehicle which takes a video and audio recording of your journey?s surroundings. A dash cam can record the road ahead and behind your vehicle, depending on which type of camera you have.
There are different types of dash cams you can buy, the three main types are a front view, front and rear view and cabin view. Front view dash cams capture everything in front of you such as traffic. However, they lack the ability to capture what goes on behind, or at the sides of your vehicle.
Cabin view dash cams provide a bird's eye view of what is inside your vehicle. These are commonly used car services like taxis. Front and rear view dash cams record the front and back view of your car. They are considered to be the best type of dash cam as they are helpful for recording accidents ahead of you as well as any rear end collisions.

Why use a dash cam?

Dash cams offer your car extra security for when you are not around. They can record your vehicle's surroundings even when you are not in or using it. This means if someone hits your car when it is parked, you will have a better chance of finding out who is responsible for the damage.Dash cams are also an effective way to help to find out who was at fault in a car accident, the footage can assist with supporting a claim.

How much is a dash cam?

Halfords stock affordable front and rear dash cams, including leading brands like Garmin, Blackvue, Kenwood and Nextbase for a range of prices. Dash cams range from basic models at around 30 to higher-spec dash cam models at around 450.
You can read more about the best dash cams in our buying guide including tips on which dash cam is right for you. As well as this, Halfords offer a WeFit service for dash cams where you can have it installed in-store. You can find out more about how to fit your dash cam here.
Submitting Dash Cam Footage You can report your dash cam footage by sending it to The National Dash Cam Safety Portal (NDCSP) which allows drivers to submit their clips of driving incidents to the police.

Do dash cams reduce insurance?

Drivers with dash cams are often recognised by insurance companies as careful and confident drivers due to the video evidence they will have of their every journey. Some insurance providers offer discounted insurance as a result of this if your dashboard camera is very high quality.
A dash cam can protect you against any false insurance claims. For example, if another driver brakes in front of you with the intention to make a claim, you can combat this with a dash cam as you will have a witness to the incident which can prove exactly what happened. Many insurance companies will use dash cam footage to resolve the case of a claim.