Tyre puncture repair – visit one of our garages or book mobile repair

When you suddenly get a tyre puncture, there are questions to answer. Can the tyre be repaired? Will it need to be replaced? Is there somewhere that can do a quick, affordable tyre repair near me?

Contact Halfords. That's the simplest, surest way to get answers. The expert Halfords team can come to your home or workplace to repair the puncture if it's fixable. You can also head to your local Halfords Autocentre if that's more convenient.

At your place or ours, we'll get you back on the road quickly, efficiently, and affordably. Find out more about our puncture repair and tyre replacement services below.

What does our puncture repair service include?

The Halfords puncture repair service starts with a thorough and expert assessment. After checking the tyre damage, pressure and overall condition, our technicians will quickly determine if we can safely repair it.

If it can't be repaired, a replacement tyre is required. In that case, we'll refund the puncture repair cost by knocking it off the price of a new tyre.

When can a tyre puncture be repaired?

Punctures caused by an entry wound in the tyre tread are the most fixable. If you haven't driven on the tyre while flat, there's a strong chance it can be repaired.

Generally speaking, we can repair tyres if:

  • The puncture is in the middle three-quarters of the tyre tread and distant from the edges.
  • The tread depth is at or over the legal minimum of 1.6mm.
  • There are no other repaired punctures in the same area of the tread.

It cannot be repaired if:

  • The sidewall or outer tread is damaged.
  • The tread depth is less than 1.6mm. It's illegal to drive on a tyre with less than the minimum tread depth, and our technicians wouldn't repair such a tyre.
  • The tyre tread is worn or the rubber has aged and cracked.
  • The tyre has been driven on after the puncture, causing further damage.

How much does puncture repair cost?

At Halfords, we charge £25* per tyre for puncture repairs, whether performed by our mobile technicians or in one of our branches. If inspection shows that the tyre is damaged beyond repair, we can replace it instead.

*Price based on garage booking

How to book a puncture repair

Mobile or in-garage tyre puncture repair appointments are booked online or over the phone (0333 016 6550). When booking online, simply enter your vehicle registration and postcode to get started. Our mobile teams cover 80% of the UK, so you shouldn't have a problem booking a puncture repair at your home or workplace.

Need an emergency puncture repair?

Sometimes repairing your puncture just can't wait. So, if you need your burst tyre fixing in the next 24 hours, we can arrange that subject to availability. The sooner you book your slot, the better. Our teams operate 7 days a week, 8am to 8pm, and we'll give you a two-hour booking window to minimise waiting around.

Why choose Halfords?

There when you need us

We're on call 7 days a week, 8am to 8pm.

Where you need us

We cover 80% of UK households. So, if you choose our mobile puncture repair service, there's a good chance we've already got technicians nearby.

Contactless procedure

With covid precautions in mind, our puncture repair and tyre replacement process is socially distanced, including contactless payment—book with total confidence.

Trust us to get it right

We're rated excellent by more than 200,000 customers on Trustpilot.

All the choices you need

Our technicians are tyre experts and will know what your vehicle requires. If we can't make repairs and you need new tyres, we stock over 10,000 types, so we've got the ones your car, van, or 4x4 needs. All the leading brands are covered, including Michelin, Goodyear, Firestone, Bridgestone, and our brand ranges if you need budget tyres. We've got specialist tyres, too, such as winter, summer, off-road, and all-season models.

Additional services while we're there

Your vehicle may need more than just a puncture repair, so why not make the most of having a Halfords technician on hand? Book your appointment, and you'll see a pop-up menu, inviting you to book these other jobs:

Tyre replacement

Select your tyres online if you need new tyres.

Tyre pressure monitoring system

Your vehicle's TPMS warns you if a tyre has low pressure. Undetected under-inflation can lead to damage, so we'll check that your tyre pressure is correct and your system's working as it should.

Choose the mobile puncture repair option

We'll ask you to enter your vehicle details and location, then confirm that the mobile service is available where you are.

Choose a date and time

Booking an appointment minimises waiting around. Slots are available 7 days a week, 8am to 8pm.

Pay online; no need for cash on the day

Confirm your order and pay. There's no need to worry about having money ready for our mobile tyre technicians.

What happens on the day?

  • We've developed a contactless process to maximise safety for yourself and our team.
  • On the day of your puncture appointment, all you need to do is make sure that your car is in an accessible location.
  • Place your keys and locking wheel nut in a safe place that our mobile technician can access.
  • They'll call you to confirm the details on the way to the fitting.
  • If it can be, we'll fix your tyre and get you back on the road.

Frequently asked questions

The sidewall of a tyre is the load-bearing part, and a bulge is a sign of structural weakness in the rubber. Whether the defect is caused by damage or ageing, it means the tyre is no longer safe and needs to be replaced. At the first sign of a bulge, use our handy tyre search tool and choose a new set of tyres. We'll fit them and get you back driving safely as soon as possible.

The short answer is no. Run-flat tyres are now standard on many cars. They are designed with side walls strong enough to handle the weight of a moving vehicle even after a puncture, giving you time to drive to a safe place. Always remember, however, that you must not go over the specified speed or beyond the stated distance after a run-flat tyre has been punctured.

In theory, it's possible to fix a puncture on a run-flat tyre, but in practice, there's no reliable way to assess the actual damage to the tyre and wheel. That's why our policy at Halfords is not to attempt repairing punctured run-flat tyres.

Again, it's a no. Using sealant to form a temporary patch on the inside of the puncture can be a handy quick solution, especially if your burst tyre happens in a remote location. But the presence of the sealant inside the tyre can make it challenging to do a permanent repair later. Add the fact that you'll have driven on a punctured tyre, making the damage worse, and the conclusion is clear. After using sealant, the tyre can't be repaired, even by Halfords' experts.

That depends on several factors. If the tyre manufacturer stipulates a maximum number of repairs, that's the paramount consideration. Multiple repairs close together are not advisable, and damage to the sidewall or shoulder of the tyre means it can't be repaired again. The rule of thumb is no more than one puncture repair in each quadrant and a maximum of two or three in total.

We have over 230 vans covering 80/% of UK households, so the answer is probably yes.

Yes, we work 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week.

Our mobile technicians can also carry out mobile battery replacements, oil changes, windscreen chip repairs, and more (click here for the complete list of services). However, for more significant work, such as a service or MOT, please visit your local Halfords Garage.

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Same day tyre fitting

Did you know that we now offer same day tyre fitting service across our garages nationwide? Simply book online before 1pm and we can replace your tyres the same day to help you get you back on the road safely and swiftly. Please note that availability varies by location. For more information, please head on over to our dedicated same day tyre fitting page where you can find answers to frequently asked questions, choose the right tyres for your vehicle and book your appointment.

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