A Guide to EV Tyres

Electric vehicles have become increasingly popular, with sustainability and reducing carbon footprints now a higher priority for many of us. In the quest for an eco-friendlier future, the sales of new petrol and diesel cars are due to end in the UK by 2035. So, if you’re thinking about making the switch to an electric car, you may have questions regarding EV tyres and how they differ from regular car tyres.

In this guide, we’ll cover all there is to know about tyres for electric vehicles to help you make the right choice when choosing EV tyres.

How do EV tyres differ from normal car tyres?

Electric vehicles need bespoke tyres as they are significantly heavier than petrol or diesel cars. Due to their weighty batteries and increased torque, EV tyres experience higher tyre wear and need to withstand heavier loads compared to petrol or diesel car tyres.

Additionally, EV tyres also have:

  • Low rolling resistance to maximise mileage range on a single charge
  • Enhanced road grip to help reduce wheel spin
  • Greater traction to accommodate more rapid acceleration and reduce stopping distances

As electric vehicles are also quieter than traditional cars, EV tyres are made from a different rubber compound that can better absorb vibrations, making them quieter than regular car tyres

How do EV tyres work?

Choosing the right tyres for your electric car is essential to ensure you get maximum efficiency, mileage, and braking performance. Here’s how they work:

How do EV tyres work?

EV tyres contain reinforced sidewalls to help accommodate the additional weight of electric vehicles. You’ll see the HL symbol on the tyre sidewall marking, which stands for heavy load. This is usually three load indexes higher than an XL, which stands for extra load. Heavier vehicles take longer to stop, so EV tyres are designed to provide greater traction to help reduce stopping distances.

Quiet tyres

Given that electric cars have no engine noise, it’s essential that EV tyres are designed to be as quiet as possible. This is done through acoustic technology, which usually involves a layer of foam placed inside the tyre to help absorb noises of the road.

Increased mileage range

While electric cars may be better for the planet, they take significantly longer to recharge than it does to refuel a petrol or diesel car. As a result, EV tyres are often designed with lower rolling resistance, which significantly increases the range of an electric vehicle so you can gain maximum mileage. This is particularly beneficial to newer electric cars with ranges that exceed 250 miles.

How much do EV tyres cost?

As EV tyres have higher specifications than regular car tyres, they can be more expensive. While it’s possible for normal car tyres to fit onto an electric vehicle, it’s not recommended as the weight of an EV will place significant strain on the tyres. As a result, you’d find yourself needing to replace them more regularly. So, while the initial cost of EV tyres may be more expensive, they will be more cost efficient in the long run.

How long do EV tyres last?

How long your EV tyres last can vary greatly depending on how often you drive, the distances of your journeys and your vehicle. To help your EV tyres last as long as possible, it’s a good idea to keep them regularly maintained. Checking for issues with wheel balancing and low tyre pressure will help extend the lifespan of your car tyres. It’s recommended that you inspect your car tyres every two weeks.

What are the best tyres for electric cars?

At Halfords, we stock tyres for electric cars from renowned brands such as Michelin and Pirelli. All use lightweight and noise cancelling technology to provide a smooth and quiet ride.

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