How to 180 a Scooter

Take your Bunny Hop to the next level by adding a 180-degree spin!

An impressive scooter trick for beginners who are starting to gain confidence.

  1. Make sure you've mastered the bunny hop before attempting this trick.
  2. Start moving, again doing one push so you aren't going too slow or too fast.
  3. Grab both handlebars tightly and make sure both feet are on the deck.
  4. Just like a bunny hop, bend your knees and jump, but this time use your body weight to spin in the air, turning your head as you jump to help pull both you and the scooter around. You can spin either way when doing a 180, so just spin whichever way feel natural.
  5. Practice jumping higher and spinning in the air faster to set you up for other spinning tricks.

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Three-time European and World Scooter Champion Jordan Clark uses a mixture of motivation from his family and others in the industry, the right kit and of course plenty of practice on his scooter, Jordan honed his scooter tricks to the point where he was able to compete in scooter trick competitions – and eventually make it to the global stage.

Important safety note: Always wear a helmet when attempting scooter tricks, as well as knee, elbow and wrist pads.

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