How to 360 a Scooter

Up the ante and add a full rotation with this spinning scooter trick.

Remember to go faster and jump higher to make sure you get enough air time.

  1. You'll need to be moving a little faster for this trick, so give yourself a couple of pushes to gain more momentum.
  2. Grab your handlebars tightly and make sure both feet are on the deck.
  3. Grab both handlebars tightly and make sure both feet are on the deck.
  4. Just like the 180, you'll want to turn your head and bring your full bodyweight around as you turn in the air. Remember, you'll spin twice to end up facing in the same direction, so you'll need to jump higher and turn faster!
  5. Remember to bend your knees as you land the 360, so you'll have more control over the scooter as you continue to travel forwards.

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The Master Trixter- Jordan Clark

Three-time European and World Scooter Champion Jordan Clark uses a mixture of motivation from his family and others in the industry, the right kit and of course plenty of practice on his scooter, Jordan honed his scooter tricks to the point where he was able to compete in scooter trick competitions – and eventually make it to the global stage.

Important safety note: Always wear a helmet when attempting scooter tricks, as well as knee, elbow and wrist pads.

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