How To Maintain An E-Bike Battery

With options for every type of rider, e-bikes are great for those who want added assistance as they ride. However, to supply this added power, electric bikes have more components that need maintaining compared to standard bikes, most notably the battery.

An e-bike’s battery helps power the motor, and if you don’t take care of it, you could face problems further down the line. With that in mind, how do you maintain an e-bike’s battery? Here are some top tips.

How long should an e-bike battery last?

Before delving into e-bike battery maintenance, it’s important to consider the natural service life of a battery.

As a battery goes through charging cycles, it will naturally discharge over time, so you shouldn’t expect an e-bike battery to last forever. How long it lasts will depend on the individual battery, but most bikes will have a warranty covering a certain number of years or charges.

For example, Carrera’s new impel e-bikes come with a 2-year or 500-charge warranty. Of course, this is only the minimal amount of time the battery should last, but by maintaining it in the correct way, you can prolong your battery’s service life. Here are a few different ways.

Charging an e-bike battery

It’s something you’ll have to do on a regular basis so it’s easy to forget how important it is to charge your e-bike’s battery in the correct way. There are several things to be aware of when charging a battery, all of which will help maintain the battery’s health.

  • Always charge a battery indoors in a dry location and at room temperature. The ideal temperature range is 10 to 20 degrees Celsius. We also recommend that you charge your battery in a room with a smoke detector.
  • Use a charger approved by your e-bike’s manufacturer as an unapproved one could damage the battery. And just as importantly, it could also invalidate your warranty!
  • We’d also recommend that you regularly charge the battery to at least 80% capacity to maintain the optimal level of performance. Letting the battery fully drain for long periods of time will quickly reduce a battery’s capacity.
  • It’s possible to either remove a battery and charge it or charge it while it’s still on the bike, and both are safe methods that won’t affect a battery’s health.


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Storing an e-bike

There may be times in the year when you don’t ride your e-bike for prolonged periods of time – especially in the winter!

During this time, maintaining your battery is as important as ever even though you’re not using it. For a start, the bike needs to be stored indoors in a dry location and at room temperature as these are the optimal conditions for a battery.

And, although the battery isn’t in use, it will still drain over time. So, remember to check it regularly and it should be topped up every month to prevent excessive discharging.

Cleaning an e-bike battery

Naturally, your e-bike will get dirty out on rides, and your battery won’t escape this – so it will occasionally need cleaning.

Before cleaning your bike, always remove the battery first. Once removed, you can then wipe the battery down using a damp cloth.

If you notice any damage to the battery while cleaning it or at any other time, stop using it immediately and visit your local Halfords store where one of our expert colleagues can offer further advice.

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When to replace an e-bike battery

Despite all these steps to maintain your e-bike’s battery, there will come a time when it needs replacing.

This is usually when the battery is running out of charge much faster than it used to, whether that be lasting less time or distance. If this is the case, it’s time to consider replacing it.

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Tips for maximising battery service life

That’s everything you need to know about charging an electric bike battery. To summarise, here are the key dos and don’ts when it comes to maximising your battery’s service life:


  • Charge an e-bike indoors in a dry location at room temperature.
  • Regularly charge the battery when not using your e-bike for prolonged periods of time.
  • Clean the battery with a damp cloth and always remove the battery before cleaning your bike.


  • It is important that you do not leave you battery unattended whilst charging, that includes overnight charging.
  • Do not leave your battery unattended when it is on charge
  • Use an unapproved charger as this could invalidate the warranty.
  • Let the battery fully drain when stored for prolonged periods of time.
  • Expose the battery to direct water contact when either cleaning the battery itself or the e-bike.

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