Pop Up Tents Buyers Guide

Pop Up Tents Buyer's Guide article

Halfords Tent Buying Guide

Pop up tents are becoming extremely popular amongst people heading to festivals or for short camping trips, as they offer a raft of advantages. Find out what these are with this handy buyer's guide.

If you enjoy camping but don't fancy spending ages fiddling around with poles and whatnot, a pop up tent might be right up your street. They're light, quick, and simple to use, so take a look below to find out more.

What is a pop up tent?

As the name implies, a pop up tent is one that springs up into place when you unzip it from its carry bag. This clever design means no poles and no arguing about what goes where - simply pop the pegs in the ground and Bob's your uncle! When it comes to taking it down, that's quick and easy too. They usually fold down into a circular disc shape, instead of the cylinder shape that traditional tents make.

Pros of a pop up tent

  • Really quick and easy to pitch, making them perfect for first time campers.
  • They're great at festivals - light to carry and easy to pitch, you'll have more time to see the bands.
  • They're handy for a quick getaway or a one night camping trip as they'll leave you with more time to enjoy the great outdoors.
  • Fun! These types of tents are great for kids, both to play and sleep in.

Types of pop up tent

Most pop up tents are single skinned and small, for 1 or 2 people. This keeps them lightweight and simple to pitch. However, their popularity is growing fast, and more premium versions are starting to come onto the market.

We now offer double skinned tents; these still make for an easy camping trip but with even better protection from the great British weather.

Pick up a pop up tent at Halfords

We have a brilliant range of pop up tents with some very cool designs; these come in very handy if you need your tent to stand out at a festival!

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