Why Should Kids Cycle?

Learning to ride a bike is a skill that can genuinely change your child's life, and cycling will build memories that last a lifetime and every minute you're enjoying nature is one less minute spent in front of a screen and if that’s not enough encouragement, here are 6 reasons why cycling is great for kids!

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  1. Great exercise
  2. Cycling can help your child get some essential exercise and stay fit and healthy burning some extra calories for little ones and not so little ones.

    Cycling works all the core muscle groups and increases strength, stamina and aerobic fitness, in addition it's a low impact exercise that doesn't put pressure on the bones and joints, meaning that it's one of the safest forms of exercise for growing children (excluding the odd inevitable bump or fall, of course!)

    Learning to cycle and riding a bike regularly is an easy way to build regular exercise into busy lifestyles. Cycling to school, the park or even a few laps around the block will have clear benefits.

  3. A happy mind
  4. Few things beat exercise for improving your mood, couple that with being in the great outdoors and you're onto a winner.

    According to the Mental Health Foundation physical activity helps with mental alertness, energy, positive mood, and self-esteem while reducing stress and anxiety. So, if your child is having a tough day get them out on their bike and watch their mood perk up.

  5. It's cheap
  6. Cycling is affordable with low maintenance costs, after buying your child's bike and the essential accessories. Invest in a Halfords annual Kids' Bike CycleCare plan, and we'll manage all necessary services and repairs to keep your kids' bike in tip-top condition while leaving the car at home and travelling by bike can also save time and money.

    We offer riders of any age a free bike health check. You can book online and drop your bike off. One of our trained technicians will look over your bike, performing a 32-point check to identify any issues. They’ll provide you with a no-obligation quote to put things right.

  7. Family time
  8. A cycling trip makes a great day out. A picturesque route (with a nice picnic or ice cream at the end) are the perfect ingredients for a fun outing with your loved ones.

    Whether you're taking a short trip to the local park or planning an exciting day trip to explore somewhere new, it's a chance to create some new memories together. IF you are travelling further afield, you’ll need a bike rack to safely transport your cycles. You can check out our range of bike racks and buy online or visit a Halfords store where one of our experts can help you choose a suitable bike rack, and even fit it for you while you wait.

  9. Independence
  10. Cycling enables kids to get around under their own steam, providing much-needed independence when they get a bit older and you're confident they're safe, they can cycle to their friends' houses and head to the park or shops to pick up some essential groceries.

    Cycling enables your child to explore the local area, while learning a valuable life skill such as how to ride safely on the roads.

  11. It's fun!
  12. Who doesn't love the feeling of freewheeling down a big hill, feet off the pedals, whooping at the top of your voice? No matter what age you are, that never gets old!

    Cycling certainly has a fun factor for kids of all ages, they will love getting out in the fresh air, splashing through puddles, racing up hills and generally having good old-fashioned fun.

    And kids can add some personality to their bikes by adding decorative bike accessories, from eye-catching ribbon handlebar streamers, woven bike baskets, star spokies and a cool motorbike noisemaker, our accessories will allow your child to take their beloved bike and make it their own.

Which kids' bike?

If you're not an expert, we know that shopping for a new kids' bike can be confusing and there are loads of options and information, so how do you know what's right? Let Halfords help.

First, start by finding the right size bike for your child, so start by checking out our guide. It includes a full breakdown of the wheel sizes, suggested child ages and child heights, making it a breeze to find the right size bike for your little one.

When you know what size they need, start looking at different styles in our Kids' Bikes Buyer's Guide. In the guide, we explore the different types of bikes (e.g. balance, stabiliser, mountain, BMX, hybrid), alongside some of our top picks for each wheel size and all the essential kids' cycling accessories. Take a look at our Guide To Finding The Right Size Kids' Bike for more help.

Which kids' bike?

If you have any questions about how to find the right bike for your child, visit your local Halfords store, and we'll be more than happy to lend a helping hand (including a quick test ride if you've got your little ones in tow).

We offer unlimited lifetime safety checks on all our kids' bikes and a lifetime guarantee on frames and rigid forks. And if you don't fancy having to spend a day in the shed putting your new bike together (or you're worried about not putting it together correctly!), we can build it for you.

Just select the 'bike build' option at the online checkout or ask a Halfords team member at the till. Our bike building service is free for all bikes over £350, and costs just £10 for those under £350.

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