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Electric Bikes at Halfords

Looking to supercharge your commute? Take a look at the e bikes range in stock at Halfords, with men’s and women’s electric bikes for sale from leading UK brands like Carrera, Raleigh, Pendleton, EBCO and more.

Electric bikes are great if you have a long way to cycle, with an integrated electric motor which helps you out when you're pedalling. They're also handy if you've got a heavy load to carry, as the motor does most of the hard work for you!

As they’re battery powered, choosing an electric bike can make an affordable alternative to cars or motorbikes too. Folding electric bikes are ideal for the commute, packing away easily to make room on public transport, or while charging at work or at home. Riding an e bike is also incredibly green, so by choosing one over petrol-powered transport you're doing your little bit for the environment. This also means no congestion charges!

If you’re looking to get fit and are unsure about choosing an electric or pedal assist bike, then don’t be out off. All e bikes still require pedal power, but the motor means you'll be moving faster than pure pedal power alone. Plus, with electric mountain bikes and electric road bikes in stock, whatever your style of riding we’ll have something that fits the bill. So, take a look at our electric and motorised bikes above, or if you’re still unsure then why not browse through our full range of bikes, road bikes and mountain bikes we have available.