Balance Bikes Buyers Guide

Balance bikes have grown in popularity over recent years, helping teach little ones the art balance before mastering their pedalling and braking skills. With so many models now available, choosing the best balance bike for your child can be a challenge.

Our buyer’s guide is here to help you discover everything you need to know about balance bikes to help you make the right decision.

How do balance bikes work?

A balance bike doesn’t contain pedals so children must push off the ground using their feet to move forwards. Balance bikes have become a popular alternative to bikes with stabilisers as they allow kids to develop balance and co-ordination before advancing onto pedalling.

Balance bike or bike with stabilisers?

Traditionally, bikes with stabilisers were the most popular option when teaching kids how to ride a bike. There is no right or wrong option when choosing a first bike for your child. Each child learns differently and may find it easier to master their balance first before advancing onto pedalling, steering, and braking.

What are the best balance bikes?

With balance bikes becoming so popular, there are an array of options available for your little one. Here are some of our top picks when it comes to finding the best balance bike:

Indi 10" Balance Bike

The Indi Balance Bike. is a perfect first bike for your little ones. With its cute design and specially designed for little hands, this is an ideal choice for those looking to build their confidence on two wheels and offers excellent value for money.

Buzz Lightyear 10" Balance Bike

The Buzz Lightyear Balance Bike is the ultimate first bike for little ones who love Toy Story. Exclusive to Halfords, it features cool Buzz Lightyear graphics including a Buzz handlebar plaque. This bike is certain to put a smile on your child’s face!

Apollo Wizzer 12" Balance Bike Pink

The Apollo Wizzer 12” in Pink is a perfect option for growing toddlers. Containing an adjustable seat, your little one can enjoy their bike for many years. Unlike other balance bikes, the Apollo Wizzer contains a built-in brake so your child can master their braking skills in addition to placing their feet on the ground.

Pendleton Somerby 12 " Balance Bike

The Pendleton Somerby is the stylish balance bike created in collaboration with Olympic champion, Victoria Pendleton. A perfect option for a first bike, it contains a cute wicker style basket for little ones to carry their favourite toys on their journeys.

Trunki Folding Balance Bike – Pink and Blue 10" and 12"

The lightweight Trunki Folding Balance Bike available in blue and pink in either 10” or 12” is a handy choice for parents and a Halfords exclusive. Developed in collaboration with Trunki, the bike contains a carry strap so can easily be towed and carried around, so is perfect for families on the go! The twisting handlebars make it easier to fold completely flat, transport and store. Meanwhile the puncture proof foam tyres and comfortable saddle, allow your little one to easily set off on their first adventure.

Peppa Pig 10" Balance Bike

The Peppa Pig Balance Bike is a must for your little Peppa Pig fan! With puncture proof tyres and an adjustable seat, this is an ideal yet fun option for little ones looking to build their balancing skills. The bike can also be paired with our range of cute Peppa Pig accessories including the Peppa Pig Kids Helmet and Peppa Pig Kids Bike Bell.

Apollo Wizzer 10" Balance Bike Blue

The Apollo Wizzer 10” in Blue is perfect for introducing your child to the world of cycling. The pneumatic tyres provide excellent grip whilst the adjustable saddle height means your little one can get the most out of their bike for years to come.

Super MX 12" Balance Bike

The Super MX 12" Balance Bike is a new online exclusive and is a fantastic option for your mini speedsters! With a motocross inspired design, your little one will be riding in style. The 12" air filled rubber tyres provide some resistance to help your child perfect the art of riding.

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Did you know that you can take advantage of our Kids’ CycleCare service? For one-off fee of £10, which covers you for one year, you can bring any of our Kids’ bikes back in-store for a safety check at any time. With Kids CycleCare, you can be confident that your child’s bike is always in tip top condition.

Balance bike safety accessories

Safety is key when your little ones set off on their cycling journey with their new balance bike. At Halfords, we have a range of cool bike safety accessories to ensure they are fully protected when whizzing along on their shiny new bike. From kids bike helmets to kneepads and gloves, we have all they need to confidently ride away.