What's needed on the day of your MOT and service

Did you know that almost half of all MOT failures are for simple things that could have been checked and fixed before the test?

Spending some time checking over your vehicle before its MOT could mean the difference between a pass and a fail - so it's definitely worth doing! Our engineering experts have listed 12 checks that anyone can do to identify common faults, that cause MOT failures in the below video.

What to Bring with You

You can't fail a Car Service, but there are a few things you'll need to bring with you to make sure your Service goes smoothly...

Alloy wheels can be costly, which is why many vehicle manufacturers now fit them with locking nuts to protect from theft. As part of your Car Service, our technicians will need to remove your wheels to inspect the condition of your steering and suspension systems. Please bring your locking nuts with you, so that our team can carry out your Service without delay.

Our technicians will need to inspect the condition and tread depth of your spare tyre, which is usually located under the boot of the car. Please empty your boot of luggage and other heavy items before you arrive at the Autocentre.

As part of your Service, your car will go through dozens of checks to ensure it is both safe and roadworthy. Even our Interim Service includes 40 checks of your car's vital components - find out what's included.

Our technicians will need to see when you last had certain items replaced, such as spark plugs, brake fluid and cabin filters. This information is stored in your service book - please bring it with you so that we have everything we need to properly assess your car on the day.

Once your Car Service is complete, you'll receive a stamp in your service book.

Please note: Your car should also have a valid MOT certificate, as the Service includes a road test. Without it, we can't complete the work.