What Colour Is My Car?

Finding the exact colour car paint to cover up a scratch on your car can be a daunting prospect. With thousands of shades available of a single colour, you want to make sure that the spray paint you buy is the closest match possible.

To find out what colour your car is, you need to track down your paint colour code. This can usually be found on a plate or sticker inside the driver’s door or glovebox, but it can vary by make and model. Check out our diagram below to find the right place to look in your car.

Where to find your paint code Where to find your paint code 1000s of prices cut on motoring essentials

If you have no luck searching in these spots, you could look in your owner’s manual or in the service history of the vehicle.

Once you have this information, we can recommend the right can colour for your paint code using our matching system. When searching for your colour car paint, it’s also important to think about the different types that are available.

Car paint types

Different types of car paint can have a massive impact on how your car looks. It’s not just colour you’ll need to think about, but paint finish too.

  • Standard/solid car paint: Most cars have a solid paint finish as standard.
  • Metallic car paint: This type of paint has aluminium mixed into the formula, giving your vehicle a great shine in all lights.
  • Pearlescent car paint: These paints give a deeper shine as ceramic crystals in the formula reflect and refract light. They may even appear different colours, depending on the light and angle.
  • Matte car paint: Non-shiny matte finishes are less common on vehicles and you’re more likely to only see matte black vehicles.

If you need any help or advice on body repair you can follow our simple four-step process of prep, prime, paint and protect detailed in our car body repair guide, or pop into store and speak to one of our colleagues.

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At Halfords, we stock a range of spray paint colours for your car, including green, blue, red, black, and more. Within these colours, you’ll be able to choose between standard, metallic, pearlescent, and matte finishes.

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