Car Covers Buying Guide

Call us show-offs but we love car covers! Who wants to be out on a frosty morning scraping at your windscreen when your car could have been snugly wrapped up the night before, safe from the elements?

You can choose to protect all of your car or just the windscreen. Either way, car covers and car caps do a great all-round job, protecting your vehicle from all of nature’s delights whether it be the sun, rain, tree sap or bird droppings.

And, our waterproof tarpaulins are brilliant for protecting anything else that you can’t store inside. They’ll keep everything dry and safe from any dodgy weather. 

Whether you're looking to protect your car from pesky blossom or you need something to keep you dry whilst you go camping, here at Halfords we have the range to get you sorted.

Halfords Frost Guard Windscreen cover

Say goodbye to scraping the ice off your windscreen with your credit card on those frosty mornings.

Part of our Halfords Essentials range, this handy windscreen cover will save you some precious time. It’s nice and durable and comes with security tabs to help you easily fix it in place.

Halfords Car Cap

Providing a little more cover than our windscreen cover, our car caps cover the roof and the windows of your vehicle. They’re shower resistant and provide good protection from frost and UV damage. You’d be surprised how much damage can be done to your paintwork and interior if you regularly park in a sunny spot. Caps are really lightweight and come with elasticated hooks for easy fitting. Depending on your car size, they come in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes and all our car caps and car covers come with a two year guarantee.

Halfords Car Cover

Our car covers provide protection for your whole car. With this type of coverage you’re not just protected from the weather with its shower resistant membrane and cover from UV damage. Wing mirrors, tyres, side panels and embellishments are also hidden from prying eyes and we’re sorry to say it, vandals at work. This cover fixes with tie fixings and is a saving grace during periods of snow and ice. Choose from small, medium and large to fit your car.

Halfords All Seasons Car Covers

Offering the most premium quality of all our car covers range, All Seasons car covers are highly durable and designed to fit snugly around your vehicle with fabric straps. Covering your whole vehicle, these covers shield your car from UV damage and inclement weather as well as any dirt, dust and inconvenient tree sap. As well as being waterproof rather than just shower resistant, their biggest advantage is that the material is breathable. This allows any condensation that builds up to evaporate, leaving your car dry and your paintwork undamaged, all year round. Find the right fit for you from the XS to XL sizes available.

Got other items needing protection?

There’s more than just the car that can take a pummelling from our unpredictable weather. Our tarpaulins are perfect for general outdoor use such as protecting garden furniture. If you’re storing bits and pieces in the garage, they do a good job there too. They’re waterproof and very durable with reinforced edges to prevent fraying that can occur over time. Halfords Tarpaulins come in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes so whether you have a few plant pots or a furniture set to protect, we’ve got you covered.

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