How To Maintain Your Car Battery

As cars get ever more advanced, the demands on the car’s battery are increasing. That’s why it’s a good idea to follow a few simple steps to get the best possible performance out of your battery.

At your car’s regular service, the battery should be checked by the mechanic. But if you have any concerns about your battery, at Halfords we offer a free battery check where we’ll check its health and let you know if a charge or replacement is needed.

Visual car battery check

You can also keep an eye on your car’s battery every time you open the bonnet. If you use your vehicle regularly, a few simple checks will suffice. Without removing the battery from your car, have a look round and check that it isn’t damaged and that it’s looking clean. If it has an open vent or pipe, make sure this is free from blockages. Also, make sure the terminals and hold down clamp are tight.

If your vehicle isn’t used a lot, or only for short journeys, you’ll want to carry out more frequent checks on the battery. This is because batteries naturally discharge and your vehicle still uses the battery even when the ignition is off, for example to power the alarm. If your battery level gets too low, you’ll need to remove it from your car and charge it before it becomes impossible to do so.

Long term battery storage

If you know that your car isn’t going to be used for an extended period of time (in excess of a month) then you should remove the battery from the vehicle to prevent excessive draining. When the battery is removed you should fully charge it every three months. This will ensure optimum performance when you do come to use it again.

Car battery chargers

To keep your battery charged you’ll need a battery charger. Just make sure that you find one that is compatible with your vehicle’s battery.

You can check out our full range of batteries online, or pop into store where one of our colleagues will be happy to help.

Our in-store experts can also test your car battery and fit a new one if needed. We’ll even recycle your old one for free, just bring it into store.

What’s more, we’ll give you £10 off any in-store purchase** for helping us to look after the planet.
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Car battery chargers