Hand Tools Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re a DIY beginner or a professional, we have a wide range of hand tools to cater for all your garage and workshop needs.

What are hand tools?

‘Hand tools’ describes an entire range of tools that are used to perform either professional or hobbyist maintenance, repair, or construction work. Examples of common hand tools include saws, socket sets, torque wrenches, hammers, and chisels, all of which are often used for car and bike repairs.

Types of hand tool

Socket sets

Socket sets contain a variety of ratchets and sockets that are used to tighten and loosen bolts safely. All of our Halfords socket sets are made from tough chrome vanadium steel and many also come with a lifetime guarantee, as well as additional attachments like hex sockets and impact sockets.

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Spanners and wrenches

Spanners and wrenches are two of the staple tools in any toolbox. Both are designed to handle tough fixtures and fittings, but while spanners tend to be fixed to specific sizes, wrenches are adjustable.

There are also ratchet spanners, which are less likely to slip than traditional spanners as they have teeth that ensure the tool remains tightly attached to the nut or bolt.

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Screwdrivers and hex keys

It’s important to always use the correct screwdriver for the job at hand. We offer a wide range of types from cross point and plain slot to Phillips and Pozidriv, so it’s easy to find the one you need.

Hex keys are a staple toolbox item and it pays to invest in a quality set so that you’ve always got the right size to hand.

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Torque wrenches

Torque wrenches are precision tools that let you tighten fixings to a pre-set torque value. As every nut and bolt in every car will have a specific torque value, a torque wrench is a must-have to avoid causing costly damage or having a fitting work its way loose.

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Pliers are one of the oldest hand tools in existence and also one of the most versatile – they can hold objects in place, pull them free, chop wire and much more. Whether you’re looking for a single tool, a plier set or a specialist tool, you’ll find what you need within our range.

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Hammers and chisels

From ball pein hammers for metalwork to claw hammers for woodwork, hammers are there to lend a hand with the tougher jobs. Combine one with a chisel and punch set and you’ll be able to work problematic parts free and punch holes with ease.

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Saws, knives and blades

Saws, knives and blades encompasses a range of tools including utility knives (often called Stanley knives), junior hacksaws and mitre saws. The right saw can help you to cut through even the toughest of materials quickly and efficiently.

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Toolkits provide you with a wide variety of tools in one place and are a great investment if you’re looking to restock your tool drawer. Many also come with carry cases so that you can keep your tools tucked neatly away when they’re not in use.

Another option is to build your own toolkit using our Halfords Advanced modular tray sets. There are a variety to choose from and all have been designed to fit neatly within our modular tray storage case or Halfords Advanced metal storage.

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Hand tool brands

At Halfords, we stock hand tools from a range of top brands including Halfords Advanced, Laser, Stanley, Draper and more.

Halfords Advanced

Halfords Advanced is our premium flagship brand and all Halfords Advanced tools are designed by experts, for experts. They boast premium materials and innovative design features, making these tools great for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

All Halfords Advanced tools also come with a lifetime guarantee, so you can have confidence in each and every purchase.

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Ideal for keen DIYers and for use around the home or garage, our Halfords brand tools have been developed for a wide range of mechanical jobs and basic vehicle maintenance.

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Stanley has been a leading name in the hand tool field for decades and provides hardworking, innovative and powerful tools that you can trust to get the job done.

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Laser Tools is a premier automotive brand that offers a range of high-quality hand tools and a growing range of specialist automotive tools.

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Bahco produces tools that set high standards in terms of quality, ergonomics, comfort and safety, and collaborates with professionals to ensure these tools respond to a clear need.

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Teng Tools offers hand tools in smart storage solutions that help professionals and enthusiasts alike to work more efficiently.

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A self-proclaimed ‘tool rebel’, Wera specialises in developing new screwdriving tools that make life simpler and safer for users.

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