Hand Tools Buyers Guide

We have a range of hand tools to cater for all levels from beginners to professionals

If you’re a beginner in car maintenance, Halfords have a fantastic starter kit of sockets and basic tools. For more regular users, the Halfords Standard Socket set offers great quality includes a wide range of fits and sizes and comes with a two year guarantee. The Halfords Advanced range is designed with professionals and enthusiasts in mind and is respected and well-known in the industry. The modular system allows you to build up your tool set over a lifetime which is also the period that the guarantee covers these tools for.

Halfords also has an extensive range of hand tools to compliment your socket set that mean all jobs are covered. We even have specialist tools for those specific jobs that aren’t the standard.

We’re delighted to offer our range of torque wrenches in collaboration with a leading manufacturer and if you’re in any doubt of their quality they have our lifetime guarantee. These wrenches won’t let you down.

Browse the full range of hand tools online or pop in to store.