How to get started with your Xiaomi Electric Scooter

If you're just about to unbox you're brand new Xiaomi e-scooter we're here to give you a heads up to help you get started.

Here's what you'll find in the box:

  • Your scooter
  • A charger
  • Spare tyres/inner tubes (not supplied on all models)
  • A pump inflation adaptor
  • The user manual
  • Handlebar screws
  • An allen key tool

Firstly, unfold the main stem of the handlebar, lift the lever and lock into place by twisting the collar.

Slide the handlebar into the stem, taking care not to damage the cable. Line up the four holes, then insert and tighten the handlebar screws using the allen key tool provided.

Folding your scooter

To fold your Xiaomi scooter, twist the collar and pull down the lever. Position the handlebar so the bell is over the clip on the rear mudguard and click it in place.

Switching on

It's pretty simple to switch on your scooter. Press the power button in the middle of the handlebar and you should hear a beep!

Charging up

It's always a good idea to fully charge your scooter before you use it. The battery charge level is shown on the display. To charge your scooter, lift the rubber cap, connect the charger to the scooter. Once you're fully charged, remove the charging lead and re-attach the rubber cap.

Working the lights

To turn on the lights, press the power button once. Pressing the brake lever will make the rear light flash. To turn off the lights, just press the power button again.

Turning on ECO mode

Press the power button twice to enable ECO mode. You should see the lowest battery indicator light turning green. ECO mode limits the scooter's speed and will make the scooter go further on a single charge. Press the power button twice again to disable ECO mode and return to full speed.

Powering down

Press and hold the power button to turn the scooter off. It's important to remember to do this when you're not using the scooter so that you save the battery charge.

Check the tyres and brakes

Before you head out on a ride, always check the tyres are inflated to the correct pressure. If they feel firm they're probably about right. And your brakes needing testing regularly too. Just pull the brake lever to check that the scooter responds.

Kicking off

So, the battery is charged and your scooter is on. You're ready to get going. You've got a thumb throttle to control your speed. Remember, you'll need to kick off a couple of times to get moving before you try to accelerate. Use the brake lever to stop as needed.

Get smart

Don't forget to download the Xiaomi home app. You can connect your smart phone via Bluetooth to access more features.

Need some help?

If you need any more assistance, bring your scooter into your local Halfords and a member of the team will be happy to help! Enjoy your Xiaomi scooter!