Guide to commuting by electric bike

How many times have you been stuck in traffic on your commute, staring at the jammed road ahead thinking there must be another way?

Well, there is! We may be biased, but we think electric bikes are the best and easiest way to commute to work. Here’s our guide to all the great benefits of commuting by e-bike and everything you’ll need to get started. 

Benefits of commuting by electric bike

Commuting by bike can be daunting, with the distance and effort required a cause for concern. However, commuting by electric bike makes the process much easier, with lots of great benefits.

Sweat-free – No one wants to arrive at work dripping in sweat, exhausted from their commute. With an e-bike, you won’t be. Providing assistance up to 15.5mph, an e-bike will help power you over any hills and allow you to ride at a comfortable speed.

Exercise – Aren’t electric bikes cheating? Not at all! Although the electric motor will provide assistance, you still need to pedal. This assistance can also be changed so you can work as hard as you like.

Avoid traffic – Something everyone can get onboard with! Avoid the jams by sticking to cycle lanes, avoiding busy roads or, for those in London, taking advantage of the Cycle Superhighway.

Save time – In a rush? No problem! With an e-bike, you can cycle to work in your work clothes. Let the motor take most the strain so that you arrive at work ready to go.

Save money – No petrol, parking or congestion charges to contend with. Plus, no tax, insurance or MOT costs. Commuting by electric bike is a real money saver!

Save the planet! – There’s no better reason to commute by e-bike than the environmental benefits. No C02 emissions make electric bikes eco friendlier than other modes of transport.

Best electric commuter bikes

You’re ready to make the change and start commuting by e-bike, but what is the best bike for commuting?

There are four types of e-bike you may consider, with a choice of mountain, hybrid, road or folding. Each has their benefits and which you choose will depend on the route you’ll be travelling.

Electric mountain bikes

With their bigger tyres, electric mountain bikes are great for commutes which feature rough off-road sections. Many also have either a front, rear or full suspension, providing an excellent ride quality.

Electric hybrid bikes

Hybrids are a popular choice amongst commuters as they have a comfortable up-right riding position and usually have pannier mounts, giving you plenty of space to carry things. Their tyres are thinner than on mountain bikes but many still have front suspensions for a great ride quality.

Electric folding bikes

If your commute involves hopping on public transport along the way, an electric folding bike is perfect. Most easily fold up so that you can carry them with you, whether using the train or a bus.

When choosing an e-bike, you should also check whether a bike has mudguards or mudguard mounts. Not only will these keep you protected from splash, but your fellow commuters will also be grateful!

Disc brakes are also a good option as they provide strong stopping power in all conditions. Most hybrid and mountain bikes will have these, and an increasing number of road bikes do too. 

Accessories for commuting

To commute by e-bike, you won’t just need a bike. For a comfortable, safe and stress-free commute, you’ll also need accessories.

Safety accessories

To keep safe, remember to wear a helmet. Whether you care about style or aerodynamics, Halfords has a wide range of helmets that will keep you safe on the road.

Also make yourself visible. Front and rear lights are a minimum, but it’s best to use as many reflectors and lights as you can. You’ll stand out, but that’s the point!

Bike locks

Don’t just protect yourself. Make sure to protect your bike too with one of our many bike locks. All of our locks have either a standard or Sold-Secure security rating so you know your bike is well protected.

Tools and puncture repair kits

However, there are certain things you can’t protect your bike from, so it’s best to be prepared. Start by making sure you have a puncture repair kit and a pump. You don’t want to be late to work because you walked your bike half the way.

If you want to avoid punctures altogether, why not take advantage of our puncture protection service?

It’s also always a good idea to have a multi-tool too, which should help with most minor issues. 

Look after your e-bike

If you ever have an issue with your e-bike, take it to your local Halfords store and one of our trained technicians will be there to help.

We do everything from simple repairs to our bronze, silver and gold bike services, and you can find our full range of services here.

To help keep your e-bike in tip-top condition for a year of commuting, why not use our E-bike CycleCare package. With one and three-year options available, you get unlimited puncture repairs, unlimited brake and gear adjustments, a 6 week bronze service, an annual silver service, free fitting on all parts and accessories, and 10% off parts.

Commuting by e-bike couldn’t be easier!

That covers everything you need to know about commuting by e-bike. Now it’s time to plan your route and enjoy the freedom of cycling to work!

To discover our full range of electric bikes, head over to You can find lots of great e-bike advice over on our Electrification Hub.