Winter Cycling Clothing Buyers Guide & Video

When cycling in winter, you'll want to ensure you're warm, dry, and visible to drivers and pedestrians. Choosing the proper cycle clothing will ensure you're safe and protected while riding, instead of feeling like you're fighting against the weather. Wearing the right clothes can make riding in (almost) all weathers a pleasure.

Here are some of our favourite items of cold weather cycling clothing that will keep you safe and warm this winter.

Base layers and thermals

Base layers and thermals are essential for those cycling during the colder months. Whether commuting to work or riding through the hilly mountains, base layers stick close to your skin, providing an additional layer of protection during harsh winds, rain and even snow.

Which is why we recommend always wearing a base layer during the winter, trust us; it’s better to have the additional layer than not. (And you can always take it off if you don’t need it.)

There are several different types of base layers, including body warmers, arm warmers, leg warmers and neck warmers. Some even use body mapping technology to provide a tight fit for more effective warming.

Most base layers are made from material that wicks perspiration away from the skin, helping to regulate your temperature in different weather conditions.

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Outer layers and jackets

A base layer and jersey won't cut it when facing the wind and rain on a bad day, so a winter cycling jacket is an essential investment.

You may want to consider a windproof and a waterproof jacket, with our Ridge cycling jackets helping to reduce wind chill. Some also feature removable sleeves so you can cool down if the weather decides to warm up as you ride. For longer rides or commuting opt for waterproof fabrics with taped seams to keep dry and comfortable during unexpected downpours.

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High Visibility

Every cyclist should own a high-vis jacket or gilet. Cycling on roads at night or during bad weather can get dangerous, so giving other drivers the best possible chance of seeing you is critical.

Reflective cycling jackets and other high visibility clothing use unique materials that reflect light from street lamps and car headlights, making other road or path users aware of you.

High-vis jackets are made of lightweight material and can be slipped on top of your preferred cycling clothes. When you've finished on the bike, take it off, roll it up and stash it away.

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Hats & Gloves

There's nothing worse than the wind turning your fingers to ice blocks even on a mild winter day, so keep the cold out with a pair of Boardman winter cycling gloves.

Waterproof, windproof and packed with insulating materials, you'll never need to worry about frozen fingers again! Boardman gloves are also touchscreen compatible so you can stay connected in all weathers.

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Boardman Unisex Helmet Liner

We all know that a fair amount of heat is lost from your head, so a Boardman unisex helmet liner fits perfectly under your helmet to help retain warmth on the coldest winter rides.

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A good pair of cycling socks and some waterproof cycling shoes will do a good job of keeping the wind out, but it could be game over once they get a good soaking.

You can prevent soggy pair of socks and cold feet with a pair of bike overshoes designed to keep your feet warm and dry. Overshoes are designed with an insulating layer to retain warmth and water-resistant fabric to protect from road spray.

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Now that you know the best bits of cycle clothing to keep you warm on cold days, you won't have any more excuses not to get out on your bike!

If you need to try anything on for size or aren't sure which piece of winter clothing is best for your type of ride, remember you can always pop into your local Halfords store to try anything on for size or ask one of our cycling experts for further help and advice. Or, if you'd like more information on what to wear year-round, then take a look at our handy cycling clothing buyer's guide.

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